Overcame My Deficiency

Dear Brides, if you are struggling in this area, and it is a burden for you, please, read this Chapter 14 Making the Most of Fast and Easy Meals and ask the Lord to show you how to apply this in your situation. Tell Him you just want to do your best and be able to fill the role He trusted you with. He will guide you and make you amazed with His power acting through you.

I think cooking is a talent God gives us and we need to develop it. As all the talents He gave us, we need to use it in a proper way, asking Him to guide us and to bless others with our talent. I love to eat, it is one of the best pleasures God gave us in our life. It brings happiness to our body and good feelings, making even our mood change! I confess I love to eat but I don't like to have too much work in the kitchen. I like to do things on especial occasions, or a new recipe I found, but the daily meals are still a challenge for me. Praise the Lord He is merciful and even now that I am living alone, my mom leaves a lot of food already prepared for me and during the week I eat out. But the Lord is dealing with me in this area, taking me to cook some things I really like and making me eat some fresh food 🙂

When I was married I felt cooking was a huge burden I didn't want to carry... Not only cooking but to get all things clean and organized was the most difficult and tiresome for me. I didn't plan ahead so every day, after a long day of work, I still needed to go to the kitchen and stay there preparing something to eat... I was irritated and most times it was not nutritional meals. So this caused a lot of problems and discussions and all kind of things a contentious woman can do. So, later, when the crises hit my home, this was one issue the Lord showed me and started to deal with me in this area. He showed me how I could plan and what I needed in advance. Also, He showed me how important is for a woman to take care of her family and that the meals are an enjoyable time, not only because of the food but because of what that moment provides.

And this role should be done by me because He gave me this responsibility and I should do all things to please Him and let Him give me the wisdom and ability to do it. Of course in some homes men have talents and like to cook, I am not saying that only women should cook, but in my case, this was my responsibility and I was neglecting it and bring all kinds of problems without even knowing the consequences of my attitude.

I ask the Lord to give me the love for the tasks He asks me to do, the roles He gave in my life. Patience, love, wisdom, perseverance, strength to be a good Bride to Him and a good woman for people He brings into my life.

Lord, please help me to overcome my weakness, my laziness, my self-pity and use my talents to glorify You, having a good attitude that makes You happy and makes me grow as a woman that uses her talents and gifts in a proper way.

Please forgive me for all the chances I wasted and acted like a fool, not knowing how privileged I am to have conditions to prepare a wonderful meal and provide this pleasant moment to my family. Thank you for opening my eyes and correcting me, making me realize that I need You and I will find all I need in You to overcame my deficiency. You help me to use my talents and give me the wisdom to be the best woman, using the gifts You gave me, helping me to see things in a different way... having Your mind. Thank You, Lord, please, make me better and better for You and the people around me.

Ladies, this book Workers@Home has so much wisdom for our daily lives. It is important we find our talents and ask the Lord to develop them and help us to put into practice. This book will give you valuable tips and ideas you can improve in your own way. Just ask the Lord to help you understand and show you how happy you can be in your daily life, during your ordinary tasks 🙂

~ Bailey in Brazil

Workers@Home Course

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