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We are so excited to announce that He has helped us, once again, to increase our THANK YOU for your love, your support, and to show you just a fraction of what you are a part of by being a Partner!

We are in the process of posting a PRIVATE BLOG for our partners, which will also appear as a WEEKLY newsletter segment. So rather than one long newsletter sent monthly, you will receive a weekly segment, like Restored Marriage Testimonies one week, the next week will be our 3 Thank You, Thank You, Thank You notes.

We also included another NEW segment, which is posting for the first time TODAY!


What we have set up is a Private Backstage Pass, so to speak, where you will be able to Register and use a login to view pages only for our partners—like WEEKLY newsletter segments.

IMPORTANT NOTE: To help with transitioning into our Private blog posts, requiring a login, as a courtesy we are providing a duplicate page that needs no login.

This is only temporary, so please follow the instructions and be set up as a Contributor, so you're able to LOG IN and gain the full benefits of having a backend pass only for our Partners!