Phenomenal Plans for Us

Dear Brides. If you have felt like your relationship with the Almighty is still not there, in this Chapter 1 “Could this be His Plan?” you will get much closer to him, you must be totally receptive, to hear him and feel him he is there and here is where I got my answer from Him Himself, just let go of any thinking that may prohibit you from hearing him. Blind faith.

I was having doubts about really hearing from God, or should I say, my lover, my HH. I call him babe it makes me happy and excited to call him that, you see I was dubious about having an intimate relationship with him. But shortly after I read this chapter I decided that I was no longer going to follow my old thinking, that I was going to just simply trust and give in. As simple as that. No more resisting that it was too good to be true, it’s a hard battle but I have to trust sometime, and I have to give in, after all, I have much to gain and nothing to lose. So with that in mind. I now start my day new in knowing he is right there by my side and even if I feel a bit crazy at times talking to him without a physical person. I will do what I need to do to get to feel him.

I now understand absolute faith and trust in him, and in the chapters of this book and truly embrace what I am being taught, no more second-guessing, just take it in. I do really get excited about what I read and get excited when things are going wrong or not my will. But I have been double-minded to believe that it cannot be that easy as to just talk to him. None the less today I put it into practice, I asked him for guidance on what he wants me to do with my life knowing that He knows what I am passionate about and I let it go.

Lo and behold I get a call from a friend with whom I have had many conversations with about this Courses and she asked for me to have a reunion with women she knows she feels can use this Course and not only here in our small community but also in another town. Can you believe that I was amazed at how fast he had answered. I quickly responded in delight yes. I have noticed that I start things but do not finish them for fear of not being good enough and that fear crept inside but like this lesson teaches, to go full in if God is calling us to do something because he has us covered.

So I must be bold as well and just take the plunge, it did not stop there I asked my lover to cancel my TKD classes because I saw my girls were just having a blast with their friends and because my mother will be in town this week. That would mean we would not be able to go. A couple of hours later lo and behold I get a text from the instructor that classes have been canceled indefinitely. You see for the instructor to cancel a class something really big has to happen. I was so thankful to my lover because what I asked for was granted, but more so because I had asked so many times in my prayers to please let me know how he responds to make me understand that he does hear me. Today was that day it was that simple, I asked and he answered. Thank you, babe, you are awesome here is where I want to be.

“The Rock! His work is perfect, For all His ways are just; A God of faithfulness and without injustice, Righteous and upright are He.” Deuteronomy 32:4

This scripture tells me that in his time he will deliver, as long as I stay in faith and walk in the spirit.

Let’s pray and take the time now to pour out what is in your heart: My lover today you have given me a great gift in knowing you and hearing you. I want to thank you for such a clear response from you. Only you know how much I needed it. I still long to get even closer to you. Continue to give me the guidance to learn more and to be able to apply everything I learn in all areas of my life. Only you know the areas I need changing. The transformation I now know is not only for me but will also help other women in the future. As always may your will be done, also guide me to die to self so that I am able to do a complete honest change. I love you so very much.

Dear Brides, many times we are skeptical of what God has in store for us, we are so consumed by our negative experiences and thoughts it becomes hard to believe otherwise, we even resist the easiest things because we have the belief that things have to be hard in order to get good results or that we must endure before something great is for us, in this Chapter 1 “Could this be His Plan?” you will discover that God has many phenomenal plans for us way beyond what we can fathom, but I encourage you to take a leap of faith in him to hear him and feel him, in this chapter you will experience Him.

Up until today I was having doubts about how God responds to us how he listens to us, really not seeing him physically created a resistance barrier for me, but in this course I finally got to experience how awesome he is in how he responds to what I talk to him about I was left totally speechless and then broke into sheer joy. Today I got a confirmation that he does hear me, He is with me and he has many things in store for me. This course taught me to have blind faith, I definitely encourage anyone with doubt in God to test him. Read this book see the results for yourself.

~ Emma in Sedona
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