Portuguese Team “I am Your Tool on this Earth!”

Dulce: Dear Partners, Thank you so much for your financial support, which has helped to sow in the lives of so many brides of our Portuguese team. May our Beloved continue blessing, even more, the life of each one of you. A kiss 🙂

Stefane: Thank you each for your dedication and donate not only the financial, but a little of your time, to share more of the love and affection of our Beloved, with me and all the brides that arrive here day after day!
May the Lord continue to bless and prosper their lives more and more !!

Thank you to all of you, virtuous women, especially ~Silvia and ~Marcela!

Elisa: Thank you, dear partners, for all support, financial and spiritual. May the Lord bless you all for be an “old woman” for me and for many women who have seek the truth and want to know Him better. Thank you for all time that you spend working for the Ministry and for opened your hearts and listened to Your voice to help spread love and the truth.

Stefane: The Praise Report “A New Breath”  is beautiful to see love shine and fill the hearts of so many brides!  She said…

Dear partners of life, journey, and sisters of the One who unites all things perfectly! Today I want to be grateful to God for the way He changes our understanding of circumstances that want to frighten, discourage and sadden us! In my present situation of this journey, I live with my EH, we are married, but we are friends. It was very difficult at first to accept this new condition, and often the enemy wants me to be consumed by this offense and not see it as an opportunity of God Himself at that moment in being molded and transformed by Him, giving me the privilege to live all this with my HH.  I can be grateful for so many miracles that He has already worked. He who has given me the strength and tools to be, often, in peace! But I have sought to submit my wills to the will of Him that is ALWAYS good, perfect, and pleasant! I want to thank you for every encouragement! It is great to know that we are part of a BODY that seeks to be led by our HH! Today, reading 1 Corinthians 7, I could see God’s way of seeing and acting under the marital situation that many of us have gone through, and also the importance of “letting go” and believing in the changes that God has worked in us, without fear! In 1 Corinthians 7: 15-17 it says, “But if the unbelieving spouse goes away, LET HIM GO, do not be desperately dependent.”

God has called us to live well, in the most peaceful way possible. to know if your way of acting can bring your husband back not only to you but to God. Do not feed the desire to be in another place or with another person You are now in the place that GOD HAS PREPARED FOR YOU. Live, obey, love and believe in this situation. It is God, not your marital situation that defines your life. Don’t think that I am being harder on you than on other churches. I give the same advice to all of them. Find your HH. Unbelief wants to reach us, we will be filled with the certainty of being privileged to be fulfilling the purposes of our dear Lord our HH! ~ Refreshing in Bahia

My favorite was the RESTORED Marriage Testimony “I put my faith into action”

How did it all begin?

My journey began two and a half years ago when my husband began working at night as a taxi driver. Our marriage was wonderful in my eyes, my husband was affectionate, he filled with pampering, we went to church, helped to take care of the choir of young people, but it never crossed my mind the separation was coming. but it happened from day to night, out of nowhere, no crisis, no fight, he just arrived and said, “I need some time” and left. We have two small children and it was not long before I discovered that he had OW. I suffered a lot, I lost weight, I cried, I despaired, many times I used my children begging for him to come back, but he was happy and irreducible in his decision, I packed all his things and told him to come and get them.

How did God transform you & He transformed your situation as you sought Him with all your heart?

I could not stand the pain anymore, it was 10 years of marriage and I ended up like this … I always worked and I helped him with expenses. I thought everything was fine, I had no hope anymore, when in my work I went online and I found the RMI, the first thing I did was to buy the book “How God Can and Will Restore His Marriage”, I read it in two days and I saw there how many mistakes I made, thinking that I knew everything, that I controlled everything, beloved ones believe, God allows us to go through this by loving us very much, and thus we learn the correct.

What are the principles of the Word of God (or principles of our resources) that the Lord taught you during this ordeal?

I began to read the testimonies, the reports of praise, the devotions, and the courses every day, which helped me to get out of the deep. I began to pray and truly seek God.

What were the most difficult times that the Lord helped you to cross?

Surely letting him go was the hardest, not calling, not talking. I would pick up the phone and cry a lot, I would call him, he’d answer and I would hang up. It was very difficult, but I did. I blocked social networks, this bothered me a lot, because of relatives and friends in common you end up seeing things that hurt. So doing this helped me move forward on my journey.

What was the “turning point” of your restoration?

When I let go, I put God first in my life, I took my EH from the focus, I looked at my Heavenly Husband, He consoled me, carried me in His lap, took that pain, that anguish and every time he came to see the boys I did not cry anymore, I smiled and treated him well, I did not feel that pain anymore. I began to have a wonderful life with my children in the presence of God with a new Husband and Father for my boys.

Share with us HOW did this happen. Did your husband just show up? Did you suspect that this was close to happening?

I had not imagined it, for it had been two years. Beloved, our God is the God of the impossible. One day he was waiting for me to leave my work and said we need to talk, I went to talk to him, he asked me for forgiveness for everything, he cried like a child sorry for everything he did, he said he never stopped loving me, he always thought about me , that everything he lived in the world was an illusion. He said he wanted to have his family back and serve God from the heart. Beloved ones, it’s been almost 4 months and our marriage is a blessing, he declares his love all the time. We are living witnesses that no problem is impossible for our God.

Would you recommend any of our particular materials that helped you?

It is certainly here that I have learned to change to believe that everything is possible by putting faith into action. This ministry is a blessing in our lives, know that many testimonies I read here were exactly what I was going through and that gave me strength and I thought “Lord how many are in this situation, but they are brave women who do not give up? ” And today I am here to praise and thank God and all of you who are part of this Ministry.

Would you be interested in helping to encourage other women?

Anyway, what kind of encouragement would you like to leave for women in conclusion?

Never give up, never … God proves what He loves, if He allowed it in your life, because He wants to shape you, do not cry, do not get discouraged, raise your head and believe that the God of the impossible will act in your favor. Find your HH, your life will change.

Dulce: My favorite praise report was from Valentina who began this year never knowing it would be her last. It was from Valentina in Brazil
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