Portuguese Team: “Thank you for saying “yes” to our HH


Paula: Dears partners, thank you very much for your financial support. It helps us to comfort and encourage women who speak Portuguese.

Marta: Dears partners, thank you for saying “yes” to our Lovely Husband call, supporting us financially. It has made possible words of consolation and encouragement to reach many women who yearn for Him.

Praise Reports within your Ministry

Both Paula and Marta chose the most special PRAISE REPORT from their Portuguese Encourager that we’d like to share with you!

Paula: “He presented me” and “Back home” both Praise Report of 10/27/17 encouraged me a lot.

“He Presented Me”

Hello Beloved of the Lord!

Today is my birthday!! 🙂 I was able in the morning to thank the Lord for my life, for His love for me and for the salvation He gave me! I received many messages from family members, friends, my children (I cried a lot with the message of my children, I have wonderful children, gifts from the Lord) and even from my MT, but one especially drew my attention and it is about This is what I want to share with you my friends !!

I have a brother 2 years younger than me. He lives in Brazil and unfortunately we were raised together until age 12 only. Then he went to live with my father and my stepmother in another state. After the change we got very far apart. My brother suffered greatly from the separation of my parents, he always revolted and was ashamed to say that we had divorced parents. The size of his shame made him lie to people saying that our stepmother was his mother.

Every year I sent “Happy Birthday” messages, but he never responded. In reality he never gave “congratulations” to anyone in the family and many commented on it, but deep down I knew he always had problems, revolts, hurt feelings, resentments … so I never resented it, I always thought that one day he would have a meeting with the Lord and that would change your life.

When I began this JR I began to pray for him also, so that the Lord could heal him, and today, the Lord granted the desire of my heart, causing him to send a message to me, desiring congratulations … saying that I I loved and I asked God to bless me … is not it wonderful, my dear ???

Only our Beloved is able to incline any heart, even from my brother who prayed for him and won the best gift of the day !! Thank you my Beloved! I know it’s His love and mercy for me! Only the Lord can do everything and “nothing is too difficult for You” Jeremiah 32:17.

Beloved ones, do you remember when Erin says that He restores all, He cures everything? This is real! I have witnessed restoration in all areas of my life and with my family.

Just believe !!!! Have faith !!! Everything will be restored, because everything He has already conquered on the cross for all of us !! It is already finished, everything is restored in your life, beloved bride! And all He will bring in His perfect time !!

God bless you! Be encouraged!

“To God nothing is impossible” Luke 1:37

~ Erica R. in Ireland found the RMI in a time of great despair and breakdown. She only began to feel peace, joy, hope and love when she truly let go and gave herself completely to the Lord. Through His Love, she grows in intimacy in her journey with the Lord.

“Back Home”

To the Beloved of my soul, all honor, all glory, and all praise for All that He is.

It seems a dream to live this experience of having The Lord as my MC, how could I live so many years without knowing Him this way? My eyes are filled with tears at this immeasurable discovery that the RMI has brought into my life. How I love this ministry blessed by God, long life, peace and prosperity in the Lord to all who are part of it.

Eight years ago I emigrated with my two youngest sons and left behind my beloved firstborn daughter. At this point she was starting her university studies and did not want to come. For the first few years I urged her to come, but she never wanted to, the pain of separation choked me.

I stopped insisting, I forgot the subject and tried to make the most of the time I had with her, whether she came to see us or when I saw her. I let go, even without knowing the incredible power of this principle. By separating myself from the father of my children (my first marriage), I was no longer the model of mother to whom my children were proud, and for me to have my daughter living with me again was practically impossible. She was “free”, went to live with friends and did not need to give satisfaction to anyone.

What no one told was that for God there is nothing impossible and that His plans are not ours, they are much bigger and better than ours, and that He has power to incline the hearts of the fathers to the children and of the children to the fathers. After my second divorce, I found the RMI and discovered that I had a wonderful MC desirous of restoring my soul, and that His love for me would make me into another woman.

This daughter of mine, now 25, has been following my journey and has seen the miracles that have happened in all areas of my life, the greatest of all, my transformation. We’ve had long conversations and she’s been saying amazing things like, “Mom, I want to follow your steps, your transformation over the course of this year has inspired me and you’re being a role model for me.” Whenever I receive a compliment, immediately all merit to the Lord of my life, my sweet Husband, who is committed to making me happy. You told me you’re going to start reading  A Wise Woman and today we have been able to have spiritual character conversations that for years were impossible to have.

Some time ago, he began to show interest in coming to live with me, with his brothers and the desire to work and live here, my heart almost exploded with so much happiness! To be able to have my daughter closer, to be able to rebuild a new relationship with her, and more important than anything, to be the vehicle that will lead her to restore her relationship with the Lord, makes me an immensely happy woman!

The love, affection, support and support of my MC made me a sweet, quiet, sensitive and calm woman, the opposite of everything that I was. At age 25, children usually no longer want to live with their parents, they want their freedom, they want to be able to do whatever they want without having to give them satisfaction, right? Yes, she confirmed that she’ll be moving here in two months!

Thank you Beloved of my life, our daughter is back home and all thanks to You! Today I understand why I could not love or make anyone happy, I was a dry woman! Your love for me, my sweet MC, is so much that it overflowed! I love you and want to be yours forever.

“For your Creator is your husband, the Lord of hosts is his name, and the Holy One of Israel is your Redeemer, who is called the God of the whole earth.” Isaiah 54: 5

Beloved ones, to have The Lord as my MC was for me one of the most difficult things to understand and to live as well. But His immense Love captivated me and brought me closer to Him. No man on this earth can love us like Him, no man on this earth has so much interest in making us happy and supplying all our needs as He.

What He wants most is to accomplish all the desires of our heart if they are in accordance with His will, for He is the only One who truly knows us and knows what we need to be happy. His strong, warm arms surround us. His love is sweet and patient and repaying this love by acknowledging and accepting Him, as the best Husband ever a woman can have is a privilege few women have!

May the Lord also be your MC and may His love surround you.

~ A Student Reviewing the Lessons in France

Marta: “My Love”, Living Lesson of 10/22/17 from MIT in Portugal

“My Love”

My dear ones, it is with great satisfaction that today I come to praise the Lord. I have not written a Praise Report in a long time, but my heart was always pounding to write it. It is today that the Lord inspired me to do it …

First of all, I want to thank each one of you who writes and encourages all the women of the RMI. It is with your RL that we learn, build and magnify our Beloved.

We’re on a journey! Of discovery … of Love. Our Beloved is Love, dear ones! In my religious education I came here to think of a God different from what it is today: God is Love, who presented us with a loving Husband, Caregiver and, above all, Gentleman.

It has been a very special journey where the most important thing is to be in the arms of the One Who Loves Us and this Love has kept me with my unalterable faith, where my world is in a sea of turmoil … but, I believe, I I trust in my loving God. But, He will never disappoint me, He will never abandon me or any of you, He has promised and will fulfill!

In the midst of the storms we should praise Him, rejoice because He is with us in all trials, when we feel we are in a storm we just have to run into His arms and wait on Him. He is All we want, He is all we need!

Dear Ones, Your cares are numerous! With my family, with my daughters, in my work, in my intimacy with Him. He does not oblige anyone to do anything, but with His care it tilts our heart. Every journey has His care, even in those where “the circumstances are not seen,” but He works in that which is not seen.

I share a situation with you: I have been separated from my husband for some time and in the circumstances, I “seem” that there is little evidence of change, but in conversation with him I noticed a change in his mentality that only our Beloved can do. It was a way of being rooted in him that I thought could not be changed. Our Beloved showed me what He has prepared for me: a transformation of myself and my husband, two transformed hearts. I believe!

The battle is in our prayer room dear ones, praying, knowing, letting us mold, humbling ourselves to the Lord, having a “very sensitive” ear to His will. Let us abandon our ideas, our frailties, our worries, our pains and give ourselves to the One Who Loves Us, Who knows us and Who wants to care for us. We are His garden, His flowers, His masterpieces!

When I arrived at the RMI it was a lot of blame, then our Beloved was withdrawing and over time I realized that what happened to me after all was not the one I caused, but it was an act of love of my Beloved. He put the real reason in my heart: I did not know the whole truth, my marriage needed time to recover. That is, we need God to restore our hearts. I need to fill my whole being with My Beloved. It’s been so long since I’ve been looking for Him, He knows how I longed to meet Him and here I am, I found Him. Now I do not want to leave His presence, nothing else matters until His work is complete. Nothing else matters!

Beloved ones, long walks often need perseverance, trust, surrender and “walk by faith.” In these journeys, there are many trials, but we must be grounded in His Love. If not, we are like the waves or like the ground where the Word falls and does not create root. We have to build a house based on the Rock that is our God and in His Love. All He gives us is Love. We are in the moment of building our homes on the Rock, it is now that we are here, that He asks us to call him as His builder. He is our loving Builder. This is where we will build what we have not been able to achieve: a House of Love. We will be His source where we will pour out all His Will of personal rebuilding. Our interior is the “first stone” in this construction, only when we let ourselves (re) build with His essence, with His will, with His heart everything begins to emerge! We must allow His house to be done according to His will. We are His temple, dear ones!

We thank, especially praise “when we do not see,” “when we do not feel,” because we live by the Faith, as Abraham is called to “hope against all hope.”

Dear ones, I like to write the RLs when my storms are red, this is where I find Him. It is with this RL that I want to say to My Beloved that I love Him with all my heart, with all my soul and with all my being. I trust Him in everything and everything He gives me I thank Him for.

Thy Will be done in my life my Beloved Beloved. I can only see Love, after the cross comes the crown! Thank you Lord!

~ A Minister in Training in Portugal

Here’s What’s New

Paula: It is not a new one, but the fact that we are back answering MEQ after months not being possible to answer even one, it’s a blessing both for our ministry and for women who were waiting for an answer. It is a huge blessing !.

Marta: What’s new for me is that I’m helping taking care of wufoo @, and it’s been amazing to get another view of this ministry 🙂 🙂

Paula: I remembered of Edna who even after her mommy’s death, she showed herself comforted, keeping faithful to her duties and encouraging others women, including us 🙂

Marta: I do not know if I am experienced enough to answer this question, but I would like to say that many MIT leaving this ministry breaks my heart, and I ask my Lovely to sustain me and direct me in His holy path. My, I just want to keep my focus on Him and not in the circumstances.

Paula: My Dear HH, thank you for looking into our hearts and called us even we being so weak and sinners. Thank You for believing in each of us, for blessing us and for comfort us all. Thank You for mold us each day. I want you all to be as you wish. Help us to be Your brides. Thank you for your love for all of us. <3

Marta: My Dear HH, there are not enough words to express how much I’m thankful. Thank You for choosing me to be on this journey, our Lovely Journey :). Thank you for carrying me in your arms for many moments. I felt weak, but you never let me helpless. Thank you because today, more than ever, I know Your love never fails. Thank you for molding me each day so I can be the old woman who teaches the young ones. Thank you my love, to make me be your bride !!

A Special Message

~Paula: Dear bride, Our Lord looked into your heart and saw His love for Him and even your life does not reflect it yet, this is how He saw and that’s why He called you to His side and His kindness to other women. Do not look at you, to your weaknesses and difficulties, look at Him and everything else He will do. Have faith and trust!

Marta: Dear bride, this journey is a privilege, because we were chosen to be His bride. Even you can not see it by yourself, ask Him to help you and you will be dazzled by the transformation He has made, is doing and will do in your life.

Be Encouraged !!! 🙂


On behalf of RMI, our MINISTERS, and our PARTNERS we want to Thank our Portuguese Team for taking the time to share what He’s doing in their Ministry to Women.

RMI: Our greatest THANKS is on behalf of the desperate women who will be receiving the fruits of your ministry—bless you !!