Praise from Our Men “Missing Something”

I would like to thank everyone who contributed to help in my recovery. I speak to so many men who need to know the truth and offer them this ministry with its free courses. They’re all great courses that teach us through the Word of the Lord, following the true teaching of His Word without any sort of opinion. Just showing us what He says!

I had a busy life and then my marriage crumbled. Despite being very involved in my church I still was missing something that motivated me to want to walk with God and not give up, and this course is where I found the hope I needed. Giving me a true and honest path to take to know Him and also learn what I’d been missing in my life—truth.

Dear Father God, thank you for leading me to this site. Thank you for always being present in my life even when I didn’t acknowledge You there. My heart is now calmly guiding me to the best way of life. I love You and want to be always in Your presence.

Dear friends, I sought the Lord and believe the servants that he uses, each of you who give, can help so many conquer and reclaim their families. Through your giving the Lord has sent His messages to help me, let it change you. Trust and do not give up even if the walk can feel long, but victory is eternal.

~ Wellington in the Bahamas

I praise the Almighty God for His goodness and mercy, for not letting me remain in the storm of the doubt, of not being heard, and how He responded to my cry for help. I received course materials as God’s answer to my distress. Throughout my Christian walk like most of you, I thought I knew what the scriptures revealed about marriage, but my experience has shown me that I knew nothing!! I knew nothing so I had not applied the truth.

Yes, I applied applied applied everything the world said, all heading me the wrong way. Yet God in His goodness is teaching me Himself. I am eager to learn again, so that when my marriage is restored He may be glorified with my testimony. I know the Lord in time will turn my heart and the heart of my ex-wife, and by His power and grace, the battle will be won. I am currently divorced and going through Course 1 and am excited to wake up each day!!

~ Waldery