Praise from Our Men “Pillow Wet with Tears; I Slept for Hours”

Our Beloved Lord is amazing. I want to share something about what happened just a few days before sending in my praise report. I went through a great amount of distress due to some fights that happened in my mind, and it made me lose heart.

On a cold Sunday afternoon, He gave me a fascinating thing. I experienced His presence, His joy, and His love, amid so much anguish. Suddenly tears of joy started to fall when I began singing some praises to Him, and then He put me to sleep and when I woke up my pillow was wet with tears. I realized I had slept for hours, having not slept since my separation, and that all my anxiety was gone and I felt renewed! And now am reflecting on that day, because He knows how to draw us to Him in love.

I just feel like running into His arms of love, because it is a place where I will not leave, and on the contrary, I remain day after day because there is no place in this world, which I call a secret place. It’s a place where I can empty all of me, then tell Him how much I need His heart and need to sleep the sleep of those who trust Him without reservation. That’s when His love comes and wraps me, I am safely in His arms and He is giving me everything I need, and I can feel His love in the way necessary to be healed. I can shout “ABA FATHER!” A Father who does not leave me for a moment and who whispered in my ears “I will never leave you,” Yes, he told me himself and is written in His love letters, and I believe, and I feel Him whenever I need Him.

Dear friend, He, our Beloved, wishes you to enter into His presence, to take care of us, to smile with us, to pamper us with love phrases, calling us sons. That’s what we men need, what we need to receive and examine. Knowing His pure love and complete, immeasurable, incomparable, irreplaceable—a Love that does not look for our errors, a love that does not charge us anything, a Love who just loves us unconditionally, regardless of what we do. It is this love that we need, and God perfect in wisdom knew that and gave us also out of love and grace His Beloved Son to be our savior and an even greater love.

“In peace I also lie down and sleep, for you alone, Lord, make me dwell in safety” Psalm 4:8

Amid the anxieties and struggles HE the Lord has a place of rest for us where we can rest in Him!

~ Marcos in Panama