Principles That Have Proved Me Wrong

Dear Bride, am sorry am not good at English and writing. But for this I need to do it to praise God for what is happening in my life.I first knew this ministry from Atarah Matthews. I found a friendly request on my wall on Facebook, what I usually do when I find a friendly request from a person I don’t know I delete but it was something else on that day I opened her wall and started checking her posts and found a book how God can and will restore your marriage I requested from her. Thanks God she send me the link and that is how I started the learning the book and doing online Course.

I thanks the lord and the ministry for the knowledge their are teaching me .am learning principles that have proofed me wrong and that I was a bad wife and a woman described in the book of proverb14:1 am still seeking God face in my RJ. before I started the RJ my ex husband used to come home and promise that he will come home for good but few weeks before I started the RJ I discovered that I was pregnant with him and I was so scared and worried of my mother, how is she going to handle this from me since an not yet restored with my ex husband because she is the one helping me with supporting my kids. I prayed to my HH and asked him to comfort my mum before I break the news to her. 

When I went to tell her she was calm and she wants me to come and stay near her place, I thank you my HH for answering my prayer. From the time I told my ex husband that I was expecting he told me to abort but I said no and I have let it in his hands with my HH to take care of everything and my heart to be at peace. I believe that my HH will change everything for good of those who love the lord. As for me I have decided to seek my Lord and asking him to be my HH in my life and kids.since I started my RJ all the the testimonies I have been reading they have given me Hope that the lord wants to do something in my life so that many will come back to the lord.My HH you are all I want and need in my life before you even restore my marriage change my name and every thing about me. In your word you tell me that you are faithful and I now know you are faithful forever.

James 4:8 (NIV) “Come near to God and he will come near to you. Wash your hands, you sinners, and purify your hearts, you double-minded. He is inviting me to come to him because in his presence will be satisfied in everything.”

~ Nomuula in Zambia
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