Psychologist? Psychiatrist? My Child on Medication!!!

Every day the Lord shows me more and more just how amazing He can be:)  My son’s father and I had to go see his teacher regarding one mark on his rapport card that was not high enough. It was not a big issue and at first, I thought that maybe she will just suggest what we can do to assist him to understand this part of the work better.

Well, it turned into something much bigger. Taking my child to an Educational Psychologist and thereafter a pediatric psychiatrist and my child ending up on medication!!!

Of course, I was not happy with how things were going and expressed my unhappiness regarding the Educational Psychologist towards his father. So when I pushed, of course, my FH pushed back harder to take my child to the psychiatrist.

I spoke to the Lord and He told me to trust Him and embrace this. “But Lord, this is my child” and the Lord said, “No, he is mine, trust me”

So, then the psychiatrist gave my child medication that he had to start using, but first, we needed to get the dosage right. I really believed that my son should not be using this medication but the Lord said: “Trust Me”. So I did. During the whole period of “testing” the dosage, my son never showed any symptoms or side effects at home, but at his dad, he would. When he got to the strongest dosage that the psychiatrist suggested, we had to decide whether we are going to keep using the strong dosage or whether we should go back to a lower dosage.

At home, my son was still just my son, no different than the little boy he was a month ago. So in trusting my dearest Lord, I told my FH that for me there were no side effects so I can get a prescription for the strongest dosage. LOL, as the Lord would have it, it seems that my son showed symptoms of side effects when he was visiting his dad. He appeared lackluster and distant and then he suggested we stick with a lower dosage.

Praise the Lord, He showed me that if I embrace trials instead of trying to force my way, He will make a way.

But that is not all…Yes, there is more!!! So, I was telling the Lord how I know He will turn all this around for good for my son and as my son recently gave his heart to the Lord, he one morning expressed to me how he does not want to drink the pills and it opened up the opportunity for me to talk to my son and tell him that he can tell the Lord that he does not want to drink the pills and the Lord will help him. So the Lord gave me the opportunity to plant a seed that I know will bear fruit.

Now, there is even more. No, His blessings never ends 🙂 So I was offered the wonderful opportunity to work from home. So I can fetch my children directly after school and give my son the attention he needs with his schoolwork. My FH pays the aftercare and when I approached him to cancel it and explained what happened, he actually agreed that it would be best for the children. Praise my absolutely wonderful Lord:):):)

I thank the Lord because I know He is opening doors for me and answering prayers that in ways I have never imagined.
I am realizing more and more every day that embracing my trials, results in abundant blessings!

James 1:2-4 (NIV) “Consider it pure joy, my brothers and sisters, whenever you face trials of many kinds, because you know that the testing of your faith produces perseverance. Let perseverance finish its work so that you may be mature and complete, not lacking anything.”
I love the fact that version says: “pure joy” I am also reading a book that explained that I need not be joyful because of the situation, I need to joyful because of how the Lord will use the situation for my good:)

~ Yvonne in Botswana