Publish your own post after submitting your Praise

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Hello dear brides,

When you submit your Praise,  you get an email saying that it needs to be approved in order to be published.

Erin is seeking God to simplify the process and following my Husband lead,  we were able to record the following video for you of How to publish your Post after submitting your Praise.



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7 thoughts on “Publish your own post after submitting your Praise”

  1. Impressive. Great directions, things checked, and arrows. Important to note. You need to be an AUTHOR.

    We are eager 🤩 to move registered users up to an AUTHOR. Here’s how:

    1. Post ENCOURAGING praises.
    2. Comment on other posts with Encouragement.
    3. Upload your profile picture or BNN.

    📍If we don’t automatically promote you to AUTHOR, mention it in a comment or post.

      1. Hello Hope, your question never got answered. But your husband didn’t forget about you, so he sent me here to let you know that on hope it last you are officially an author. I discovered more during this little excursion, but I will return to the post that prompted I was connected to this so you and everyone else can read it there.

    1. Hello, I am new…I just filled out a form of journaling, and it said I would get a copy to my email, and I havent received it. Is it being reviewed? Thank you for helping me understand the difference between “author” and “registered user’

      1. Hi Azariah I unfortunately can’t help you with your question about the journal but l will pass it on to someone who could help you 🙏 and of course let’s seek God SG because he holds all the answers..

        To answer your question about the difference between a registered user and an author. A registered user is when you register for the blog and you can post your Praise. As a registered user your Praise is a draft and needs a higher user like me for instance to schedule your Praise to be seen on the blog. An Author does not need to have their praise scheduled they have the access to schedule their own praise and can immediately post it.

        I hope this helps!!

  2. Hello Azariah. To answer your question I honestly had to ask my husband because I was a bit baffled and thought I needed more information. Ha ha ha. Not so. What are you reminded me is that anytime there’s a journal you will get things back automatically. If you didn’t get it back, it’s because the email you put in wasn’t correct. That’s the only way a journal or any form doesn’t come to.
    If you meant that, we said, we would reply to you, then the answer to that is we are still on honeymoon and this means not going into the back for 90% of everything we usually do.
    Thank you Atarah for explaining the roles though my husband reminded me most importantly, his how do you become an author and that’s by uploading a profile picture and also that we’ve never carefully clarified is that it can’t be a picture of an object, but it needs to be a profile picture of yourself. We’ve always encourage a BNN radiant picture, however, it’s really up to each individual to speak to their Husband their maker.
    What my husband and Yvonne and I are discussing at the moment is an easy and light way (because we only want his yoke) to move registered users up to an author once a profile picture is uploaded. So we are waiting to hear about that.
    Oh, and another beautiful thing that He showed us yesterday when we (Yvonne and I along with our Husband) were enjoying each other’s company and taking care of a few important administrative tasks during a zoom meeting, or the few short biographies not from our honeymooning ministry team members but from women like you and Hope. It really helps to get to know who everyone is so we can minister to each other in “an understanding way, as with a weaker vessel, since each of us are women.”

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