RBG Ministries: “Greeting from Vienna, Austria”

For the last few days, we had several testimonies of restored lives and women walking towards the restoration of their marriages.

Here are a few Praise Reports within my Ministry *

Hello Veronica!!! A huge greeting from Vienna, Austria. I praise and thank the Lord for having placed in your heart to be a witness and tool to each one of these us that seeks to drink from the living water!

I am an Ecuadorian who has lived in Europe for a long time and met my husband in the city where I live, he is a Peruvian national and he is 7 years younger than me. We lived together for five years and got married on December 2015.

In March of 2016 my husband confessed to me after three very difficult weeks (his behavior towards me, super changed) that he had fallen in love with a colleague from his job (who was also married and had problems in their marriage) and there my odyssey began. I knew that I had to fight for my marriage, I had it in my heart, but I did not know how, or who could help me, I was very attached to so many people, their family, and even a psychologist, who began to help me work this whole situation. And I have to be honest that I even seek a lady who was a tarot card reader, I’m not proud of that … but each one of those things was the ones that killed me and each plunged into the pit from where my beloved God the Father, Jesus the son, my HH, my beloved, rescued me.

It is only superficial details that I tell, it has been a difficult path, full of tears and a lot of darkness. But the Light came to me, it was like a tiny little sparkle that began to warm my heart, that was completely destroyed by my stupidity. My husband is away from home since October 2016 and I still believed that there was a force that was calling me to fight for my marriage, but to be honest, I did not know how, everything that was in my hands or what I wanted to do with my hands, everything, absolutely everything went wrong.

Until one day on the advice of a cousin to look for psychologists who helped lead the separation online, I found the best psychologist! The only and the best of all! My great Counselor !!! With the name: HOW GOD CAN AND WILL SAVE YOUR MARRIAGE in a video on YouTube !!! It was the best I could have found !!! So far I just think that such a blessing can only be the beginning of something great !!!

It has not been easy to understand, at first I thought it did not make sense, but Ge showed me step by step each one of my disobedience.

I do not think I’m perfect, but He’s changing me. Since He really was impregnated in my heart I have peace, and the smile does not fade from my face.

I want more of Him! But I also want to help … I would love to be a seed of your love! I do not know how, but our Father has placed in my heart so I am writing to you this message, I would love to help you.

Here’s What’s New! *

Now I am sharing the Daily Devotionals with our members and followers on Facebook and it has been a total success, full of blessings for us, as many of them share in their comments below the posts:

That Word has been a confirmation, as a balm for their wounds and an exquisite delicacy for their hungry hearts. Proverbs 3:8 And Matthew 4:4

Thank you, Lota!! for letting me be able to share those devotionals and testimonies that encourage us to keep walking in FAITH! and wishing to live FOR HIM.

It also seems that He is making a way to send the books to Mexico and Guatemala, and with THE favor of the LORD, we can do it!

Hello and good afternoon my Dear Veronica, my Sister in our Lord!

First of all, with greetings and wishing you the best for you and your family, I write to you. First thanking the Lord for putting you on my path, which is undoubtedly an answer to the restoration of my marriage, but all at the Lord’s time, because He is also teaching me that restoration is first within us, and that we have to seek after Him and depend completely on Him in everything like His word says, seek first the kingdom of heaven and everything else will come in added, and that is what I am doing, it has not been easy, not at all, but having Him with me makes everything different easy, He is my strength every day, He is the reason of my life, I love Him more than my own life.

I have been apart from my husband for 1 year. 1 year ago I was the foolish woman who destroyed her home, I made so many mistakes and today I am suffering the consequences, as a result of that, I was the one who decided to leave my husband, I was blind, deaf and dumb, but my Beloved Lord always arrives on time in our lives, never late. When I came to the Lord, I arrived totally broken, and He in His love and mercy, was putting together my life piece by piece. Today I am in my city and my husband left a year ago. We have had communication during this year, but the Lord led me to not to look for him anymore, the Lord answered that prayer when I was asking Him if he was going to restore My marriage, and His words were clear, Grow with Me and then I will give him back to you.

I spent some time after that answer that we kept in touch with my husband and of course I did not understand very well, but the words of the Lord were clear. Then almost a month ago the Lord prepared me by letting me know in advance that something was happening with my husband and He made it clear to me. I knew that he had been coming to my city for a process of selling our house two or three times, and he did not look for me, and later I also knew that he had been dating someone, and when I knew all that, the Lord immediately brought to mind to remember His word and so I understood that He allowed this so that I would obey His word, and seek Him, not restoration.

That evening, he sent me a message very late to wish me good night. Glory to God for that, today I only seek for my Lord at every moment, He is my refuge, my HH.

Sister Veronica, thank you for everything because every word is from my Lord and I have taken. May the Lord continue to bless you enormously.

Do you feel unworthy or incapable of being used by God to minister? Trust me He can use you by just letting Him know you are willing. 2 Timothy 2:20-22. We are here my Lord, your Will be done in our lives … thank you, our HH.

~ Veronica
Veronica’s RMT