RBG Ministries: “He Missed Them Deeply, He Wanted to Return”

Dear Partners, I want to thank you for your support, now I know that everything we sow, we harvest. In this praise report, I want to share with you the blessings, and prosperity since I learned to delight in THE LORD, and even serving him with diligence and love.

I hope some can identify with this testimony from Restored By Grace.

Praises report from RBG

What a beautiful promise comes with delighting in the LORD, where we will find the fullness of joy and even delights in His right hand forever. Wow, how wonderful! Find delights in his righteousness!! Psalm 16:11

I will share in this report, the victories that THE LORD GAVE ME, for learning to delight in his presence.

Beloved, when my HEAVENLY HUSBAND, returned my EARTHLY SPOUSE completely home, my husband asked me to pray for being able to move from our home, because for personal reasons we did not want to stay in that house. One of them was because the ow, knew where to find us and because of her work, often passes by our house,  so it was very unpleasant for us to see her come and go from our house.

I began to pray, for this request that was not only the desire of my earthly husband but also my desire.


One day out with the family we met a friend who was a customer of the cakes I used to bake and told us that she would rent her house again since more than three years ago, we wanted to rent it. it’s a very large house and in a better neighborhood.

BUT IN HIS HANDS ARE THE TIMES, PSALMS 31:15 If it had been on that occasion, it would not have been possible to live there for very long, since in a few months, three years ago, we had separated my husband and me.

Then, now that we were together, restored, and living in the purpose of the LORD, it was given in an incredible way.

I share, when we met with my cake’s client, she told me that she would rent her house again, and my husband did not hesitate to tell her, I am very interested, here is my number for you to call us when you are ready, and please consider us to rent it.

In less than a month she called us for an interview, and the first one was very good, they told us the requirements to rent it and the conditions, the payment would be twice as much as our current house, and my husband, a bit sad, said it was too much money to rent it. I told him do not worry THE LORD WILL PROVIDE FOR US AND GIVE US HIS GRACE. The second interview, they wanted the answer, since they had given us the preference to rent it, and they gave us the surprise because the house needed some details, like painting and cleaning, they would only charge us a quarter of the deposit to rent it and We would even rent it almost the same price of the house where we live in now, only a fourth more than what we pay now. And even my Beloved allowed them to agree to let us bring our two pets with us at no extra cost. Believe me my beloved ones, this is not possible without the grace of the LORD in us. Since many homeowners who rent houses, do not want pets or in turn charge extra. SO THAT MY LORD, ALSO GRANTED THE DESIRE OF THE HEART OF MY DAUGHTERS … Some time ago we investigated to rent other houses but in all they did not want pets, so you can already imagine the joy of my daughters.

But before knowing all these things, MY LORD surprised us with an increase in my EH salary, my EH was already convinced that THE LORD WAS WORKING in GRACE, TO GRANT US THE DESIRES OF OUR HEARTS.

Beloved, I wish to share with you, that since I have been obedient to our tithe, THE LORD HAS MAINTAINED the devourer out of our finances. this is a biblical principle, that we should not forget beloved ones.

I know that very soon I will be sharing a testimony of praise, where my earthly husband is convinced that it is better to give than to receive and that giving to GOD what belongs to him, which is the tithe, will continue to open the windows of heaven and pour out his blessings… The Lord showed me that he has protected and prospered us, even for my earthly husband supporting me in serving the LORD with Restored By Grace, IT IS INCREDIBLE.

Before we started my husband supported me to work in Restored By Grace, and in doing the videos, and sharing the testimonies of what He has done in our family, we have not had shortcomings, but we have been protected from falling, in requesting loans , even my husband was surprised and told me that, the bank had called to him to offer him a loan and for the first time, he said no.

Likewise, the Lord is moving his hand to help my husband and start his own flooring business. Bringing people who are helping him to get contracts when he obtains his contractor’s license. Praise be THE LORD, this is a wish of my husband from a long time ago. What we are seeing on the way to be fulfilled.

The new in Restored in Grace.

Thank you for your support dear partners, since we have the blessing of being able to order books, to continue sending to other countries. I already received the first order and we will be in the next week, sending another box of 50 books to MEXICO, and now with the novelty of sending to COLOMBIA, according to our survey, since we have a large audience and followers in Colombia and Mexico. THE LORD HAS PROVIDED ME A COLLABORATOR TO DISTRIBUTE THEM in Colombia.

We will continue to pray that THE LORD will soon allow us to send to other countries, which are also requesting them.

Also Peru, Venezuela, Chile, Ecuador, Guatemala, El Salvador, Costa Rica, Dominican Republic.

This is a special note from a follower of the facebook group, who one day wrote to me, to share her sadness, since the OW, sends her messages with pictures of her husband and her sharing with the daughters of this woman, although she has blocked it, the ow has looked for ways to contact her by phone and  used false profiles, she wrote me devastated without knowing what to do, I asked the LORD, to help me to minister to her and pray that this woman will stop tormenting her, that we know that the enemy is the one who operates in her, also her discomfort is because her husband does not look for her children, and she is with the ow and her children.

I recommended her that she pray, for the heart of her husband, as I did, I shared with her how  THE LORD, turns the heart of our husband to his daughters, putting a burden and need to see them and be close to them. Malaquias 4:6 says that HE will turn the hearts of the parents towards the children and the hearts of the children towards the parents.

I prayed for this, and a few days ago she, shared a message, where her husband asked to want to see them, that he missed them deeply, that he wanted to see them and return to them.

That his children were her life, that he is very sad for not having them close and that he hopes to return soon to never again separate from them, that his children are a precious gift, and in the message, he asked her for forgiveness for the harm that he has done to her.

I recommended to her, that she continued praying for the heart of her husband and even for her children, and even for her own, that she would delight in THE LORD, and HE IS FAITHFUL TO GRANT THEIR DESIRES.

THANK YOU LORD for your fidelity, for your love, for your guidance, for your strength, because everything comes from you …

~ Veronica

Veronica’s RMT