RBG Ministries: “The Dangerous Desire of Taking my Life”

Dear Partners, thanks for your support, the beginning of this year, we are raising a great harvest, the sowing that we cultivated last year, 2017.

We received many New Brides for our Heavenly Husband, testimonies of restored lives and restored marriages.

Thanks to your support I was able to send books to MEXICO and they were successfully distributed. Thank you for your help, as the support for this ended successfully.

Thank you, my Lord, for helping us, and bless our partners.


Here is a Testimony of Claudia’s restoration one of our Followers on our Facebook page:

For 11 years I lived in fornication, I was not close to God, but always longed to have us join us in marriage. And after 11 years together I found out that my partner was unfaithful and had a child of that relationship.

I decided to finish everything with him, but oh surprise, he asked for forgiveness and asked me to marry him.

We got married but we didn’t invite God into our marriage, and so we continued fighting and every time my EH brought his son, it always created an issue.

After a while, I was unfaithful to my EH. I thought I would find in another man, a real man, what I did not have in my home.

I said to myself don’t feel bad, your EH did it too, everybody does it, you’re not the only one. You deserve to be happy. There were lies, and only lies, to justify myself.

But God in his mercy leads me to discover that it was a war between good and evil. God used some missionaries who visited me, and in prayer, asked the Lord to help me out of my sin, and the next day my EH discovered a conversation with the other man. I confessed my sin and decided to end that relationship of adultery.

At this stage, it’s when the real war started. My EH treated me very badly, despised me, insulted me.

I didn’t know how to build what I had destroyed.

God took me and led me to the desert, he wanted to allure me, but I resisted and wanted to fix it in my strength.

It was all was in vain, my EH kicked me out from our house. But God rescued me in March 2017. I started looking for God, I found groups on Facebook. Then I found Restored by Grace. I download the book How God can and will restore your marriage. I started putting the principles of the book into practice. It was difficult but God held ME.

God taught me to love my EH, and when he wanted to fight, I would shut up and take refuge in the Word of God and in His promises. One day my EH told me in May 2017, you go live with your parents, I do not want to be with you.

This time, I did not contradict him, I accepted. And I went to pray and give to God everything. I said help me to walk on the waters like Peter, without sinking.

My husband arrives, we talk and I pray in my heart, after a while he said, “I do not want to lose you, do not go, let’s stay together.” I accepted. I know that God listened to me and supported me. Now he lets me go to church even my children accompanying me. I have prayed for them and now they help me pray for their father. I know that one day my house and I will serve the Lord. Thank you.

What’s new in RBG?

This month the distribution of the books sent to MEXICO was finished, it was a blessing to be able to do so and hope that our Heavenly Husband would open doors for us too and we waited for our HH to provide books for other countries.

The way they were delivered was by sending a box with all the books, versions of How God can and will restore your marriage and versions of A Wise Woman. They were sent to a single destination, GUADALAJARA MEXICO, where my mother and a collaborator that God provided us live. Then we made individual packages and it was a success thanks to our Heavenly Husband.

We are praying and looking for women in our Facebook group, more collaborators to distribute them, doing so in other countries, like we did in México.

We have requests for books in GUATEMALA, ARGENTINA, CHILE, PERU, COSTA RICA, ECUADOR, PARAGUAY, El SALVADOR, VENEZUELA, DOMINICAN REPUBLIC where they do not have internet and need the books.

And even around other countries, in our Facebook group, in Europe, in France, in Spain, and in AUSTRIA.

There are also two members who have offered to translate the books, in German! I’ll soon contact Lota, to give the information. Glory be to the Lord who is opening doors.

Here is a Testimony of another bride for the Lord.

I started to follow you in the Facebook group, and I’m watching the videos one by one. I thank God for using you to talk to us.

I want to share: for 20 days I’ve been experiencing a peace that passes understanding that I never felt. Now I have no anguish, for what my earthly husband does, nor does it affect me not knowing anything about what he’s doing. It is a joy, a peace—joy that I had never lived. I even said it is a dream—but thank God it’s a reality.

I can say fully that my heart belongs to my Heavenly Husband, He has become my everything. I thought I couldn’t get to this level of intimacy. Now my Heavenly Husband has become my reason for living and just as you said suddenly my earthly husband has begun to spend more time with us. Thankful that now I have discovered that I no longer depend on it.

I don’t want to lose what I’m gaining with the Lord because what He gives ME is forever and unconditional. The Lord has given ME, the desire to pray for the other woman too. Thank you for sharing your testimonies.

Another Testimony to the glory of God

Restored in Grace, in June of last year my earthly husband and I had many problems, telling me that he wanted to separate from me.

I had not identified the emotional dependence I had on my earthly husband. The dependence on him had taken me to make extreme decisions, like leaving home and getting to the dangerous desire of taking my life. But God did not let me and I keep my life. After a week God put in my heart the desire to pray for my marriage. I started looking for God in a way that I had never done, spent time singing, meditating on His Word. I even wrote Him letters like a boyfriend falling in love with Him.

He began making me a woman with a gentle and quiet spirit. I discovered that even though my earthly husband called me annoying, I could answer kindly. It was a special time, I can say I learned to be happy with my heavenly Husband.

Through the RMI Ministry and RBG, I learned valuable lessons. To learn to let go and find the Lord as my Heavenly Husband. There were temptations, to go out with other men, but God never left me alone. I never let myself fall. One day I decided to give Him my dreams, my desires while in a cabin alone with my Heavenly Husband.

It was a beautiful experience. Upon returning my earthly husband called me and invited me to his parents’ house. When I arrived I could see a different face, repentant, he asked me to start again.

Although I do not deny there have been difficult things to accept, I recognized that I failed to not fully trust the true love of God. I was religious, foolish and contentious. But God used this process to make me whole again. Brides, God is more than enough to supply each of our needs. I invite you to believe in it. To enjoy your life with our Heavenly Husband.

My favorite promise is Isaiah 43:18-19 because He does everything new. Isn’t that so wonderful?

Veronica’s RMT


SOW and REAP a Harvest

In previous blogs, we shared how we began offering students who just completed a free course, the opportunity to Thank the Ministry Team and our partners by helping to send RYM books to poor Latin Countries.

Even if you haven’t just completed a course, you can also GIVE.