RBG Ministries: “Women and Men Looking for Food in the Trash—our HH Came to Them”

Dear Partners, every day there are more women who are blessed, due to this ministry and through the donations that you have made! Blessings going to Venezuela, Peru, Colombia, Mexico and three times, Costa Rica and Nicaragua where books were sent!
It is incredible everything that our HH is doing through RMI, thank you for your contribution because, without it, we would not reach so many women, sowing hope, but the most beautifully, sowing in their hearts the love of the precious, that IS our HH.
Also thanks to your financial support to RBG, we have been able to invite some women to a retreat in my area, and we will bring books, hope cards, and we will share about the ministry and share testimonies with the women of this retreat. The leader and coordinator of this CAFEBAUCA Women’s Retreat will give us a space in the library, to give out hope cards, and to share about RMI, marriage help, and RBG in California. I know that our HH made this possible that I will share in an upcoming praise report.
Here are a few Praise Reports within my Ministry 
After going through the deepest darkness, having been abandoned by my EH, I was taking pills for depression and remained in my bed. I forgot my little daughter who asked me to be a normal and have her loving mom with her, like those of her friends.
In sadness, I cried out to GOD, I asked for help to get out of this sadness and an acquaintance told me about RBG. He was who lead me to Restored in Grace, where I could listen to the book GOD can and will restore your marriage, and watched every video testimony on RBG. SINCE that day, I set out to look for GOD, with all my Heart, I stopped laying all the time in my bed, and GOD renewed my strength, I never had to take another pill again! Now I live in Love with my HH, HE IS my EVERYTHING.
~ No longer Broken in Colombia!
Testimony of a daughter of RBG.
Beloveds, in this process I discovered that my true love is my HH, each PR, that I read is full of that, your love for us, His love for us. So, when I found out my EH had OW, I clung to this Love, the love of my HH, and my HH took the OW out of my EH way! It was a difficult time, but my HH, gave me the ability to FORGIVE, and to even forgive the OW. Later, we heard that she took her own life, for another boyfriend she had in the past, so sad, we both were hurt, thinking how she ended her life. We have to pray and bless our enemies, Luke 6:28 because we don’t know their future.
Due to this journey, my HH has taught me through the RYM book and my search for Him, the sins, and lack of forgiveness and bitterness, that stopped me from enjoying His love. I still felt worthless, for being a daughter of adultery, my mother had a relationship with a married man, and that made me feel miserable, but MY HH taught me how much He loves me, MY HH has worked in my life and He took out all the bad, the vile!
Now I am still filled with Him, delighting in Him, in this RBG group I have learned a lot.
This word Habakkuk 3 :17-18 summed up, although everything goes wrong, yet I will rejoice in JEHOVAH, and I will rejoice in the GOD of my salvation.
~ Clean and Free in Venezuela!
Here’s What’s New! 
Our HH is so faithful. Nancy is back with RBG and has been sharing how our HH has work in her life—during the time she trying to get away from Him! Yet His love, He brought her back and is using it for good. Now that she is back, thanks to our HH, she is working on her own new ministry that our HH has given her as part of the vision for her life, called FROM HEART TO HEART, Restoring your Life to the Lord, a new ministry that will be working with RBG to help women seek our HH first, and using the Abundant Life series!!
Our HH is wonderful. We will share more of His goodness in the next PR about what He’s done.
Vicmary de Venezuela shared this:
we have been sharing how women are full of love, hope, growing as spiritual giants.
also shared testimonies of women that they wrote to us months ago, women without food, for their children, and now full of the love of their HH doing and seeking his kingdom, he has covered their needs.
OurHH, being faithful, and honoring those who seek him, love him, cry out to him. Even using things for good, to bring the hearts of their EH home.
I remember crying as I shared, as I saw women and men looking for food in the trash, to take home, and when our HH, came to them, just crying out, praying, He somehow provided, like his people in the desert, daily food, mana from heaven. let’s continue praying for that remnant in Venezuela.
“I am so grateful, really because of their favor, as the writing says, lasts a lifetime.” Psalm 30: 5
Receiving PR for our once hurting women, so full of love, and surrendered, thanks to HIM, which has allowed us to reach Venezuela, where hope was running out, when our collaborator that HE provided, to distribute the books, is ministering using them in a group of WhatsApp that opened with all the women who received their books, doing 24 hours intercession, praying for this ministry. How beautiful our HH, who has taken care of all the details to deliver and send the books to these women. Women have shared that they thought this impossible.
Thank you dear HH, for supporting us, and blessing us, and even expanding this blessing for you and for us.
Do you feel unworthy or incapable of being used by God to minister? Trust me He can use you by just letting Him know you are willing. 2 Timothy 2:20-22
Pray with me: MY HH I am yours. Keep doing your will in my life. I am here, thanks to You, and is a privilege to serve You.