Redeemed without Money!

Over a decade ago my EH bought a house to use as a tax write off. He, being inexperienced about home loans and whatnot, and unaware at the time that there were less than reputable companies willing to give him a mortgage for the property, he found himself in a pickle within a couple years with a mortgage for over 13%. (Please cringe here if you haven’t already 🙂

Struggling to make payments when the tenants were unable, seeing the adjustable rate rise and rise. Being told there were 2 loans when he was convinced there was only one. Falling behind in payments, tenants moving out with a lot of trash behind and repairs to be made. We also had letter after letter for threats of foreclosure. We attempted to refinance the house and put my name on the loan. Nothing went through.

Finally one day he asked me what he should do.

So I told him I would go into my prayer closet and bow down toward the East and cry out to God for help. (I’m not so sure praying towards the East is that important, I just remember reading it in the Old Testament somewhere) So my EH did just that and when he came back into the room he said God told him He would take care of it.

The mortgage had been sold many times over (which invalidates the terms we found out later). We had a family member call and tell us they would buy it (but they didn’t). The 2009 financial crisis hit the USA and there were scandals and investigations from the top to the bottom.

After one of the investigations, we were sent a check for $50 that was supposed to be a settlement for a large class-action lawsuit that was filed about fraudulent lending. (We did not join any lawsuit.) That day I sent the check to RMI since the $50 wasn’t going to cover the 10’s of $1000’s that were ‘owed’ on the property.

But GOD took care of it as my EH heard. Just this year (2018) 12 years later, we got a tax form from someone who had sold the house for more than what my EH owed on it. That was it. Done!!!! No penalty, no tax liability, nothing!

This is the verse the Lord told us at the time… Isaiah 52:3 ESV, “For thus says the LORD: ‘You were sold for nothing, and you shall be redeemed without money.’” Amazing!!!


Ministry Note: There is NO other partner who has been tithing faithfully than Mona—and her EH! Such a testimony to all of us what trusting Him with His finances and surrendering to His principles will mean in our lives!

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