Restoration of My Parents

Not too long ago I read the RMT of Erin’s parents, it sparked a desire in my heart that I once had, but forgot about. My parents have been divorced for over 30 years, but have always kept a very cordial relationship. We have been able to spend very important holidays together and my dad is always welcomed to all family gatherings. This was always a blessing for my brothers and me growing up. I can say it was a special relationship.

Since coming to RMI I always felt my heart wanting my parents to be restored. My mother remarried some time ago but then divorced and has remained single. My dad was single for all these years until recently where he remarried but has been unsure of his decision. My dad is very kind and extremely giving, where my mom is very stern and tough on my dad. I knew only my HH can do this miracle if He willed it.

A couple of weeks ago, my mom got very ill. My dad lives a couple of hours away and when he found out he called every day to see how she was doing. He shared how he is praying for her and even got emotional to say how much he cared about her. The beautiful thing is that through this difficult trial, my mom’s heart was softened and she desired more of having the Lord in her life. I was able to share with her how He wanted to be her Heavenly Husband and she accepted!!

A week later, my dad made arrangements to come to our city and stay with my mom to take care of her. I will be honest, he can’t do much, but he is always willing to try. My mom humbly accepted and she has been able to stay in her own home because of his company (she cannot stay alone yet and has been staying with my brothers and I taking turns in each of our homes). I see the patience she has for him now where before she would have been yelling at him or being rude.

I know my HH ways are always higher than ours and He took something awful and turned it to so much good. My mom is a new creation and He is bringing restoration to this relationship between my parents. Now when she wants to say something to my dad, she says it with love and tenderness. I know my dad is so happy that he is able to help her in any way he can.

My brothers and I are watching the miracles unfold every day in each of them and words cannot express our gratitude to see them laugh and crack jokes together. There is nothing too difficult for my HH!!

Restored after going THROUGH the Fire!
RMI’s Spanish Español Minister