RMI is My School!

Our God knows all things. RMI is my school!

Not knowing how to ask God, I learned that for their to be fruit we must first be His seed, learning that to expect something we must first ask for it.

Asking God to be restored in my marriage was so selfish of me, when I was so blind to see that there were other areas of my life so much more important than to be restored, such as restored in my relationship with my beloved Lord and Savior my HH. How can I be restored in my relationship with my EH or children or anyone else? How can I neglect the areas that are leading to the destruction of other relationships?

Again, having my children to encircle me, and receiving financial provisions that we totally unexpected (EXCLUSIVE BLESSINGS FROM GOD) was just part of what I had not seen that God was working on and doing. Everything has its time and God made each perfect in His time because as He says, there is a time for everything under the sun, everything we want and hoped for.

Often in the real world, I have believed that I am completely under the sovereignty of God, yet I have some areas that I have consciously or unconsciously blocked with huge barriers, like my beloved Lord and HH. In some areas of my life but thankfully not many, I have many times professed to believe in the sovereignty of God, but I have to admit that I have refused to really understand and work with Him. For instance, in death and natural disasters, these are assigned to the sovereignty of God because we do have any control over it. Whether we are His bride or don’t know Him, even unbelievers refer to them God’s work, but strangely refuse to give to God’s work of salvation of sinners, and thus is what happened to me! I was willing to grant God much of the credit for the work of Him bringing the lost to faith, but I did not admit that God is in complete control of every problem in my life.

Once I came here, RMI became my school, my university, I started reading every book and watching the videos and going over every resource that was available to me. I printed and read them again and again. I still do, and I only now am I beginning to understand many things—it’s like something strange happened in my mind, changing my understanding in everything. I am being renewed in my thinking, and one of the things I began to understand was the role God has not just in the salvation of my soul but for the salvation in every situation that comes my way and the way that I have in those same situations.

Each unknown way to me, God can see and take me through, while holding my HH hand. I don’t need to see that God is doing something for me, I can not see exactly what He is doing, I may not see Him in the flesh, but HE is who does things for us. And I foolishly did not attribute his glory and power to what was done—but rather, I attributed it to someone else or myself. That’s why I find myself writing this time to encourage you. Because I realized I did not know to distinguish between the power of God and my power, between God’s work and mine and my limitations to learn to live and know how to be with Him in the midst of any circumstance. I hope this helps renew your mind as well.

HONOR ALL THE GLORY PRAISE AND POWER the only one who is capable of such terrible deeds. HASHEM

~ Tamar in Mexico