She Couldn’t Believe I Was Doing It That Way

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♕ Today's Promise: “For God is not a God of disorder, but of peace. As in all congregations of saints." 1 Corinthians 14:33

~ Maria Johnson in Brazil

☊ PRAISE Audio

Hello beloveds, this day I come to encourage you about organization!

I love organizing and tidying up closets, and looking at my room I remembered one of the chapters in the Homeworkers course, Week 4: Chapter 2 Making the Most of Your Space “Removing the Clutter!”.

My room needed me to remove the clutter, there were a lot of papers kept that would be just garbage. Old exams from when my son was just a baby, he had a fragile health, so since he was a baby he did exams, he had kept these papers. When I saw that at the time I remembered if my Beloved has already healed him why am I keeping this? Thank you Beloved for restoring our son to health.

It was a makeover, I threw away what I no longer needed and put new tags on what I really need to keep. The Lord also provided me with folders and boxes of new organizers, it was splendid.

Oh my Dear how amazing organization is, as I've already reported I love organizing my wardrobe, and every time I do that I take something out (laughs), I encourage you to do it, it's amazing.

I would also like to tell you about a few weeks ago at one of our Restoration Fellowship meetings! About Week 49 “Misidentified Characteristics”, Frida reported about an PR (praise report) that Elisa had written a while ago about how she liked to hang her clothes on the clothesline in a very organized way. I also remember this PR was very encouraging because our Beloved likes to organize.

I remembered when my son was a baby, oh how delicious it was to wash and iron his clothes. I even wanted to "eat" the clothes because they were so fragrant (laughs), but I loved to put socks with socks on the clothesline in order, blouses with blouses and so on…

One day my sister came to pick me up to go out, I asked her to wait just for me to finish putting his clothes on the clothesline, she said okay, when she saw me hanging the clothes she couldn't believe I was doing it that way, so she said “let this baby grow to see if you're still going to organize everything on the clothesline.” Beloveds, my son is no longer a baby, he's grown up and I continue putting it on the clothesline anyway! 😊

Also remembering the wonderful lesson “Misidentified characteristics”, my niece works in a store, she arrived at my house saying “aunty I think I have OCD, because I like and need to arrange the shoes in the store all in number and in descending order, if one number is out I run and fix it.” Then I was able to tell her this is not OCD it is organization and God loves it! My son was with us and listened, later he called me to see what he was doing, when I saw him playing with modeling clay and with toys like it was a restaurant kitchen. Beloved his toys were all organized little plate with little plate, and all the play dough tools in order of size. He asked if I liked his kitchen? Super cute, thank you my Beloved for so much Love, so much teaching and so many details.

"Instruct the child according to the goals you have for him, and even over the years he will not deviate from them." Proverbs 22:6

“For God is not a God of disorder, but of peace. As in all congregations of saints." 1 Corinthians 14:33

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