So Many Excuses

I need to begin by saying how long over due I am at submitting a praise report. I thought about it so many times and my excuse was that I didn’t know how to find the form. Then while having my quiettime and I gave Him that excuse, He reminded me about the Encouragers I used to get in my inbox and to go find one. I did and found the link and also He showed me how to get the app so i can read them on my phone now. wow, it pays to talk to the Lord.

so now i will start with one and begin being faithful to giving Him praise because I have to confess that He does so much for me but what do I do? do i tell everyone or keep it to myself? so you see why i said i’m long overdue for this praise.

about a week ago while i was babysitting my grandchildren after school the twins needed help with their math. that’s when i realized they didn’t know any of their times tables. so when their mom, my DIL came to get them, i told them they needed to learn just like i learned and just like I used to help when my boys brought home flashcards because it was the only way or they’d struggle through their math.

well, this is where i went wrong, i shouldn’t have told my DIL or anyone else because the next day she dumps a pile of store-bought flashcards and she expected me to teach them to the twins hinting it could be done in a day or two. But thankfully i realized where I went wrong, thanked her, and then began to take this to my HH like I should have done from the first.  but i still went ahead aout of kindness and respect and because i knew the twins were watching me and we worked on them…. getting the easiest out of the way. though i prayed that the twins would be homeschooled i am just happy their parents are together and were open to reading a WW and the wise man that turned everything around.

on the second day just as my DIL was running out the door with the twins she grabbed a stack of the flash cards and told me she was going to work with the twins on them. this was after she was actually yelling at me for not realizing how tired she was and why she couldn’t work with them after dinner.

all I could do was dance after they drove away. I put on one love song after the other and soon i was in tears with gratitude. i knew the Lord was working and in many ways i may never know!!!

then the next week she didn’t pick up and more flash cards but said she’d found a video game online that all of them were doing together. what I didn’t know is that she’d never learned hers when she was young so now they are doing them together with their dad cheering them on!

All I can say is I thank God I learned about the gentle and quiet spirit and later finding the abundant life with my HH. i know my twins are watching and so is my DIL so this is my first ministry and my second is to encourage each of you by faithfully submitting praise. i figure the more I pour in the more He will pour into me.

thank you my Love,

Ruth in Indiana