Someone There Cheering You Up on the Sidelines

Thank you so much for all your help through your resources. How God Can and Will Restore your Marriage and the RRR online courses have renewed and changed my mind in a way I didn’t imagine. It has helped me draw closer to my Lord, and I’m so grateful for that. Thanks, Erin, and all the other partners, and especially my HH and my God for putting you in my way, just on time, like only He knows how to work.

When I started this journey and found RMIEW, it was just in time. I was devastated and needed encouragement–whether to continue hoping for my marriage or just give up. I grew up in church and know about God, but I never really got to know Him until I started renewing my mind with the courses online.

Thank you, My Lord, for My HH and best friend, you know all that I need and just when I need it. Thank you so much for everything, especially for leading me to RMI, to encourage me and lift me up and draw me close to you just when I needed you to help me.

Ladies, hold on; don’t give up; there is hope and there is help for you. These courses on RMI are so helpful and will help you find the Lord and find yourself in Him. Mainly, they will help you find that peace you need so much inside.

~ Jewel in Honduras

 I want to thank you for your willingness to walk first and open a road for anybody that wants to follow. It makes a lot of difference to know that you are not alone, that someone is there cheering you up on the sidelines. Thanks a lot for your gift of theRRR online courses. I have been on and off following these lessons, and I always return, because, of all the things that I have tried, How God Can and Will Restore your Marriage is what I feel the closer to read and understand scripture. 

My situation has not changed, but I have changed! When I found this site, I could not believe, being I so perfect and humble, that my EH could have left me–how horrible person he was, how much of a sinner, without feelings. Reading all the material pretty soon change all that, I saw the log in my eye. I was a contentious woman; I was passive-aggressive. I did so many things wrong that I could not pray to God saying I was innocent, because I would be lying. So after repenting to Jesus, I started to learn to really be humble, to admit all my shortcomings and to take responsibility for my actions.

Thank You my Lord, for guiding me to this site. I was so sure that I was an innocent victim that I would not have changed, because I didn’t see any wrong in me. Thank You for showing me how wrong I was, for allowing me to repent and have the opportunity to get closer to You and have You in every moment of my life.

~ Carolina in Canada

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