Something we’ve Done our Whole Life

I used to attend church every Sunday and a young adult women group on Saturday, but nobody gave me instructions on being a Godly woman or wife. Marriage was a topic where the husband was always wrong. I was in a marriage crisis, my husband had left me with a 2-year-old son and I was devastated. I started seeking God’s help and I found RMI through a facebook page that was encouraging to read “How God Can and Will Restore your Marriage”, so I started reading and I learned about being double-minded but still at that point like 5 months after he left, for me, attending church and the meetings was a good thing. Till one day I asked the pastor's wife to pray with me and she said sure, maybe the Lord has someone better out there for me. I remember reading to remain married and that there was no one out there better for me, living with another would be adultery, and that was like a bell ringing. So I decided to stop going and so it’s through this ministry where I always felt fed.

My HH changed my way of thinking, that it was my EH's fault and I could do to him back the same (but I never did). To think that all I need and want is my HH. Unfortunately, although I share what I learned both my sister and mom had their own way and are determined to continue that way, I did share with a friend who was in a marriage crisis too and now things with them are so much better and I'm happy for that.

One person I think is being touched little by little is my niece of 17, her parents later divorced but I see she likes when I share things with her.

To let go of both my EH and my church. I’m learning and being strengthened here in a church without walls, getting fed like never before. I was recently offered a temporary job which I accepted I know my HH did this for me and I get to praise him daily at any time and at times the whole day in work

He also taught me that I am the church and my EH my spiritual leader so going to church without him is disrespectful. When we go to church we sing and read something someone selected. When we do it at home or elsewhere, we choose, and sing to our choice.

The most difficult time was when I just began, my mom would ask me with a somewhat upset voice. ‘So what you're quitting church now?’ Then she added the verse about the bible saying to not forsake the assembly.... and this was every Sunday till eventually, she stopped.

The turning point for me enjoying these times with Him was my choice in music, it made me enjoy my time with him and I sometimes cry, some songs reach me deeply in my heart and I feel what I sing. When I read my bible verses they always come just in time and in the week I read the WW. It's a plus, my baby boy also sings with me and I feel so good with that. Us together as a family

Things get really hard sometime and we want to give up when people start asking or pointing. However, it's between us and our HH. For everything, we must look to Him and share with our girlfriends who believe just like we do. You never know who might be in need like us and don't want to say.

Each Sunday I sing and pray in the morning, in the afternoon I embrace doing something I like; cooking, baking or just continue praising. It creates a sense of peace in me which I hope others can find in Him too.

Dear radiant bride, our HH is right there with us at all time, we only have to acknowledge him and embrace him. Letting go is not easy, especially of something we've done our whole life but it brings us peace. Let go of everything else except our HH He will take care of the rest, in ways that it will all fall into place in its right time. Show Him you love Him with praises anytime anywhere and feel that peace that passeth all understanding.

~ Jewel in Honduras
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