Sounds Nuts Right?

I’m so thankful He’s helped me to overcome a Hurdle Milestone #9. The OW is not the Enemy anymore! I’d like to share HOW my HH helped me let go of my fear to move forward. Also to share a little about how the hurdle I had to overcome and the blessings He has blessed me with since I was able to let go and moved closer to being His bride.

Whenever I would think about the OW my stomach would sink. I would have ugly images in my imagination that bothered me so much they made me upset. So I started to pray to the Love of My Life to please change this. To please give me His eyes on this. Then I understood it was when I learned that… the same way I felt betrayed was the way my Beloved felt when I had my EH first in my life. Everything my stomach sank I would remind myself about my HH precious heart and how I had hurt Him badly by my infidelity to Him. It was through this renewed mentality that God would show me through scripture how the OW would be the instrument for my EH to value what he had at home and had left fooled by the enemy.

And not just that, check this out!!!!

Proverbs 11:8 NIV “The righteous person is rescued from trouble, and it falls on the wicked instead.”

Dear Brides, did you know you are so loved that what the enemy intended to destroy you, God is using it to bless you? Sounds nuts right? Well, remember when Joseph was thrown into the jail, which God used to free him from being a slave and placed into his destiny? Yup, same thing with the Other Woman, she is the Victim! She is the instrument the enemy tried to use to destroy your family, yet if you ONLY will Trust Him and walk in HIS narrow path, HE will use it to make your family stronger! Your husband will experience the bitterness of SIN while missing what he had been given. And to make this an even better combo! —your prayers can lead the OW to be a won soul, another bride for our Beloved!

Yeah 2 for 1 deal, the enemy zero. Woop woop!

~ Alejandra in Guatemala

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“It All Came to Light and the “Suddenly” Came”  posting in January 2019!