Stretched Out… To Exercise Our Faith

♕ Today's Promise: “I have told you these things, so that in me you may have peace. In this world you will have trouble. But take heart! I have overcome the world” John 16:33 NIV

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Dear Bride, I am just beginning the reading of this book Living the Abundant Life. I was so reluctant to read the first one, but it turned out to be one of these turning points in my relationship with my Lord (My Heavenly Hubby). Ask the Lord to break your intellectual concern, because none of it makes sense unless you are looking at it with the eyes of your heart. Then just dive into it !

First of all, I love this precision that Michelle gives about the difference between the Father and the Son! So refreshing and so true ! Then I felt overwhelmed again when Michelle wrote she cried, when her Heavenly Husband told her that she would go. She then said that He was in love with you no matter your reaction, whether you do right or wrong HE loves you. How POWERFUL ! I love you Lord ! It is awesome to see what the Lord can do. While reading this chapter, I was like, "Papa, why didn't you just hand her all the travelling papers and money she needed to go on her trip. Why did she have to go through all these adventures ? ".

And right now, his answer is : "Because I AM the Lord, I AM who I said I AM " WOwwwwww. Yes, sometimes He will allow death to happen (Lazarus), but only to show up and the world would know HE IS WHO IS SAID HE IS, the great I AM. Wowwwww. This will sound silly to you, but when I read the Finding the Abundant Life book, I had this great confidence in my Lord, I could ask HIM anything knowing that if this was His will, He would do it. I am out of a job right now and I am living in a very precarious way (never been in that state of financial insecurity before). I had so much faith after reading Finding the Abundant Life that I went to the Lord for any financial issues, and He had blessed me big time ! Big time twice (in row, in only one month). It is been two weeks that financial trials are coming back again (big times), but this time around, my faith is shaky, not as strong, I even feel double minded. I asked myself why this time around I am not that sure that He would help me. The answer is that, in my little human brain, neither my Hubby The Lord nor My Heavenly Father would do a miracle for me again, as they have done it twice in a month, so that is enough already !!! What would give me the nerve to think that I could be blessed financially again. What would give me the nerve to think that I could ask again in the same area, who do you think I am ! Isn't that enough already that HE rescued me twice ? Why will I bother Him again ?

And my Heavenly Father led me to read through the whole book of Joshua and the book of Judges (I am still on Judges). What struck me when this question popped out on my mind is : "How many times did I give victory to Joshua and my people over the same type of battle ? How many times did they conquer a new land, how many times ? And on the book of Judges, how many times would they go back to their baal, repent and call me to rescue them, and I would come to their rescue ? How many times ? Don't you know my grace, love and gift are limitless ? " Wowwww, see how the enemy is working. Wanted to make me feel guilty of asking my Lord for help, trying to deceive me on how my Father IS MY FATHER.

As Michelle is speaking of being stretched out in order to exercise our faith, I was thinking of this chapter of my life. I will try to seek HIM in every situation even if it feels like a "Lord could it be your plan ?" situation. I will try to remember that He let Lazarus die, so HE could show up in a mind blowing way ! As for people around me, I will cheer them up and pray for them (with Heavenly Hubby's help and grace) when they are in the midst of trials, because I know their blessing if only they would believe on the way.

Dear Brides, He works wonders, just believe. Just believe.

~ Petra in France
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