Take Courage to Continue

♕ Today's Promise: “Yet I will [choose to] rejoice in the Lord; I will [choose to] shout in exultation in the [victorious] God of my salvation!" Habakkuk 3:17-19

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Dear brides often times in this trials we are to face, not too many people understand us but rest assure that he does! Their is no one else that will remotely understand but Him lean on him and not your own understanding. If you want someone on your side is him and in this lesson, Chapter 7 Believing God for Great Things you will be able to see and feel him with you.

Often times we let the opinions of others consume us. they think i am crazy for my radical actions just like the writer expresses. I am judged but really i am at a point where i feel loved and looked after by my love. I simply dont care. All my trust is in him and in due time he will exalt me to higher grounds without me getting involved.

Keeping up my most intimate times with my H.H and his word for me. Is how I shall overcome the criticism that others have on me. This chapter reassures me that when we are radical we are on the right path and if or when i feel shame i shall NOT as our lover has everything under his control.

I have been in struggles with my lessons i read them but i have the need to re-read before i submit my journals. This in turn has led to me being inconsistant.

My lover who never fails guide me in all the lessons that i go through that I am able to execute the principals that are being taught effectively and consistent so that i don't dwell in the world ways.

Dear brides often times we are critized by regular people who simply dont understand the road we have so willingly have decided to take; in this wonderful Living the Abundant Life lesson we learn to take courage to continue on our paths because we have the great one on our side. Read on their is only one power and that's the lords power.

The enemy is up like a roaring lion looking to see who to devour. And when we give in to everyone's else. Criticism and their opinions that's when the lion attacks! Stay strong and faithful you are not alone, our H.love is always on our side he will not shame us. Read this lesson Believing God for Great Things to watch for that lion. Stay ahead!

You’re the One, there’s no one but You!” (Psalm 86:8, MSG).

I can not get more clear. Only he can get us to a place of peace..

“In You, O LORD, I have taken refuge; Let me never be ashamed” (Psalms 71:1).

This is a great promise to remember when everyone thinks i am crazy like they do. I have experienced people telling me that i am crazy in the way i have chosen to be in another country for the sake of my marriage restoration. Despite having a better quality of life in California. But i remain faithful and i must keep doing what my love instructs me to do. I have faith he will see me through.

~ Emma in Sedona
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