Tell Me Where the Money I Need is Hidden

I would like to thank infinitely the Almighty God, the Creator and Author of my life and His Son, the Lord and my HH. Right now, I’m taking the course Finding your Abundant Life. I must admit that I was amazed as soon as I read the first chapter of this book. The relationship of trust with the Lord that Michele describes in this book literally fascinates me. I am not only envious of this relationship, but also of the trials in which He manifests Himself.

I am happy to say today that the Lord has given me a testimony. I could see Him fully at work in my finances. At the beginning of this month, I found myself very financially limited. In doing my accounts, I had just what it took to hold until the next salary. Besides, I absolutely had to contribute financially for the funeral of a relative. I remembered that in the book, it talks about giving without fear so I gave my amount. The next morning as I read the morning devotional, I saw a sheet of paper slip under my door. It was a message from my landlord asking me to regularize the situation of my rent within the following two days. The amount that had to be paid corresponded exactly to the rest of the money I had. So that by paying my rent I would find myself with just enough to keep a few days.

Reading that paper, I was very excited because I knew that the Lord was giving me the opportunity to see Him at work. I was not afraid at all that morning. I received this news that I had to pay my rent 3 days later, at the latest. Then I saw the days of 4 and 5 pass without my financial miracle lol  And there I started to panic. What I did not understand was that I had to give what was left to see God act. What I was waiting for was that the Lord miraculously add to what I had before taking the risk of giving everything I had left.

On the morning when my rent was 3 days past due, I read the daily meditation proposed in Streams in the Desert, and it said: “God does not open paths for us before we come to them, or provide help before help is needed. He does not remove obstacles out of our way before we reach them. Yet when we are at our point of need, God’s hand is outstretched… You must be in the floodwaters before you can claim God’s promise.” So I understood that I had to pay with the money I had, even if it was my safety net. And that it is only after showing faith that the Lord could act. So I sent a message to our concierge, asking him to come get the money for my rent. I paid my rent and it took the Lord Himself to support me so that I do not leave the room in a panic.

Four days later, I lay on my bed after my morning prayer. I thought jokingly: “In her testimony, Michele says You were telling her ‘the money is there, do not worry!’ Tell me also where the money I need is hidden. I started to review places, including purses, where I could have “forgotten” money. I was making fun of myself. It was in the midst of these thoughts that the Lord reminded me that I had some money (some Euros which is not the currency used in my country) kept in a suitcase. It was money that my father gave me four years ago when I was on a study trip to Europe. I hurriedly took this suitcase out of the dusty place where it was parked. The money was there, tidy in a wallet for years!!!

“When thou passest through the waters, I will be with thee; and through the rivers, they shall not overflow thee: when thou walkest through the fire, thou shalt not be burned; neither shall the flame kindle upon thee.” (Isaiah 43:2) KJV

~  Eliza in Cameroon

Eliza is on our Translation Team helping us in French.