Thanks to their Heavenly Daddy!

I wanted to thank my Beloved for all the blessings He gave me, the week I could stay with my children during their vacation! Thank You, Dear!
It was a wonderful week that He prepared for us 🙂 My dear friend ~ Sylvia had already told us about how her feelings about being on holidays had changed, because before she said that “if you do not travel, it is not a real holiday, etc.”… I confess I had some thoughts like these ones, but when I remember what she has shared, it helped me a lot, thank you, my dear friend!
So I just rested and lived those days as He led us and what He did was that in our Brazilian winter, we had a whole week of Sunny days, a calm and not so cold sea, very pleasant to dive! My children were so happy to be together, always hugging and kissing and telling me how good it is to have mommy around 🙂
I rejoice and have tears in my eyes when I remember how He rescued me and brought me to this place where the simplest things are so wonderful, I who felt like I was in shambles at the beginning of my journey, thinking about how I would stand, or work, or take care of my children. Now I can feel I am complete, lacking nothing, PTL! I feel I’m beautiful, happy I know that He still has too much to do in me and for me, but what really matters is that my future is His and I fear no more 🙂 I look at my children and see them so wonderful thanks to their Heavenly Daddy! Thank You, my Love!
I also need to tell you about another thing – He took me to buy new clothes. All the time I was asking Him about what to buy or not, When I was in line waiting to pay for my beautiful and new clothes I asked Him to show me that He was really there 😉 So the attended told me something fantastic: “- Sorry, this price is not correct, because this is from our new collection, and the price is from our sale… then she smiled and told me that of course, I would pay for the sales price!” He’s awesome !!!! I also smiled and thanked her and told Him how awesome and kind He is!
When time to come back to my office arrived I was reinvigorated and ready to go with my new clothes… I could hear so many praises about how I looked beautiful and rested, my co-workers were amazed in how I got that tanned skin in winter 😉 Once again, I could only say “ Thank You, my Love, for making me shine!”
My biggest wish with this PR is that you, dear friend, can feel encouraged to go to Him in every and single detail in your life and let Him be gracious to you and become Your Heavenly Husband and He will give you the desires of your heart 🙂
When I found the one I Love. I held Him and would not let Him go. Song of Songs 3:4

~ Paula

RMT “Daddy!!!!”

Ministry Note: Today we are remembering our very sweet Valentina on what would have been her birthday. If you never met her, you missed knowing someone special. Thankfully,  Valentina Left a Legacy so gift yourself a treat to read what she left just for you!