The Best Husband Imaginable

♕ Today's Promise: “For your Maker is your Husband— the Lord Almighty is His name— the Holy One of Israel is your Redeemer; He is called the God of all the earth.” Isaiah 54:5

☊ PR Podcast Tiara

In the Restoration Journey the most important thing is not to restore our marriages, but to find and know our Bridegroom, the best Husband imaginable, to answer the desires of a woman's hearts. The Lord is gracious and wants to bless us, but blessings also have conditions, so it is worth learning from the Word the principles of blessing, as well as all areas of our life. There we find the Truth, which is the key of life and gives us understanding, wisdom and advice.

It struck me even more as most people have a distorted image of God, I had too, instead of relying on what He tells us about Himself in the Holy Scriptures. Changing our mind with the Word is crucial on our way. It is also so important to understand that the Lord is near and interested in our daily lives and in things that may seem small. We can turn to Him with everything, He promises Himself that He will meet all our needs.

I believe this year will be beautiful because I'm with you. I want to get to know you even better and be closer to you so that you will always be the love of my life. Please, bless the RMI service and the development of all departments of ministry so that more and more people can find hope and know you as their Heavenly Husband.

Dear Friend, the Lord is gracious and gives His Bride many blessings. I encourage you to reflect with me more deeply on His principles of HTBB (How to Be Blessed) and to live in the abundance of the life for which He has chosen us.

~ Tiara in Poland
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