The Bitterness Was Gone

♕ Today's Promise: "Yet the Lord longs to be gracious to you; therefore he will rise up to show you compassion. For the Lord is a God of justice. Blessed are all who wait for him!" Isaiah 30:18 

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Dear Brides, If there is one principle that will move mountains in your life it is the one shared in this chapter (The Extra Mile: RF). It may be something that is difficult in the beginning, but as you hold on to your HH hand, be prepared to experience huge blessings and JOY as you walk this principle out.


I agree that this principle is so powerful and important but very neglected even among Christians. It's one of those things that the "worldly" views are more acceptable and it's like we are "normal" to go against this principle of resisting evil and blessing your enemy. Again so blessed to be part of this ministry that teaches me the truth and renews my mind to live more like my HH (Heavenly Husband) wants me to. I also learned that it's not just about resisting the evil, but going the extra mile to BLESS and as the author says, it may not come easy at first, but when we continue to be filled with His Love it becomes true JOY to do it.

I want to share a specific relationship that I found to be very challenging but through His love I was able to overcome. I have a step-daughter that moved in with us permanently at the tender age of 3. Although I have a natural love for children I always felt something was missing between us. Her biological mother lived in another state, so my SD (step daughter) would only see her in the summers. Oh how treacherous it was when she came back from her summer vacation. I felt like I had to start all over again with our rules, routines, etc. But, what mostly would hurt me is that her mother NEVER had anything good to say about me and would make it a point for my SD (step daughter )to not like me also. It was very difficult and nothing I did was good enough.

As I started my RJ (restoration journey) and seeking my Love in every area of my life, one day it came across my SD (step daughter) and I just cried out to Him, what can I do? He answered so sweetly, FORGIVE her mother. At first I thought, well what does my relationship (as horrible as it was) with my SD’s (step daughter's) mother have to do with my SD. (I had very little contact with her because she always wanted to fight me).

I surrendered and wholeheartedly forgave this woman and everything she had ever done and said to me. I can’t explain it, but I felt this heavy weight be lifted from my soul and all of a sudden it was like I had a NEW heart and eyes for my SD (step daughter). It was amazing and so much LOVE just poured out for her. NOW, what I also wanted to share was what He led me to do that I know allowed my SD heart to be turned to me as mine was turned to her.

I started making sure that my SD called her mother every week. That on every Holiday, like Birthdays or Mother’s Day, my SD would send a card or a gift. I started open communication with my SD (step daughter) about her mother in a positive way so she knew it was OK to love her just as I hoped she would love me!!

It was not easy because no one understood WHY I would go so far and make such an effort, but I knew it was HIM and His love in me and all I can say is my DAUGHTER, (my heart is like she was my very own) is now almost 30 yrs old, and we have the BEST relationship ever and calls me MOM!!! I am truly thankful how He has blessed me beyond what I could have imagined.

My goal, my heart is to always seek Him to lead me, so that I am not ignorant of His principles or selfish to follow the world’s ways. I want to live the life He wants to give us to be happy, blessed and JOYFUL.

Dear Brides, I know that when someone hurts you the first reaction is to want to fight back, but I promise if you stay close to your HH and surrender your heart and will to Him, His love will overflow you and as your walk this principle out, not only with you feel JOY, but hurt, anger and bitterness with be GONE!!

~ Lota in Florida
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