Sometimes the Hardest Things are the Simplest Ones

Dear Brides - Timing is something we all struggle with. We are a "here and now" society. You may miss the Lord's very best blessings if you don't take a moment to reflect on HIS timing. His wait is to refine us for the prize, the blessing in store!!

So many great lessons, but Chapter 5 "It’s SO Worth the Wait!" was so timely for me. It's difficult being human sometimes! This lesson is something I've shared with friends 🙂 We need to really step out of our comfort zone and TRUST the LORD with His perfect timing. This has been my prayer for some time now. He has blessed me this week with seeing tidbits of restoration. Important to note - this was after total and complete surrender TO HIM for HIS will, not mine. Complete surrender to HIM, telling my HH that I desire HIM 1st and foremost in my life - that HE will never go down in rank again - regardless. His timing is what I want in every area of my life. It's getting easier, and with this great lesson, so many wonderful reminders to the importance of letting go and letting GOD be GOD. Sounds simple, but sometimes the hardest things are the simplest ones. My desire - to WAIT upon the LORD who had a wonderful plan for my life. This truth I know, Praise GOD!

His strengthening in my life is helping me to share how awesome the Lord is with others. I have a few faithful friends who have been praying alongside me, and when I share how the Lord is working - I can't get through explaining without tears. Tears of HIS awesomeness - HE is so deserving of constant praise and glory. His truth and "endurance" for me to run to win, is leading me to be way more open about my faith and relationship with my HH. As people notice I'm different, I say it's God working in my life. I also had great boldness to share the Gospel and scriptures with a very close friend yesterday who is not saved. I spoke boldly about HIS ability to restore something going on in her son's life, which keeps her worry constantly. My job is to simply plant the seeds or water it and see HIS goodness and HE unfolds answered prayers.

My struggle is my desire to keep my thoughts captive and ONLY on HIM (HH), my Lord. This will be done through HIS WORD and directive. I love you LORD.

By staying very close to HIM, alongside HIM all day and night, remembering where my every breath comes from, remembering HIS power and GLORY and how full of mercy and compassion HE has. As long as my focus in there, my ability to encourage and help others comes naturally. Helping plant seeds of HIS goodness, watering with His love, feels so very good. The blessing is in just that, and it's planting seeds for myself as well. That is HIS principle. Thank you, LORD (HH).

If you struggle with waiting on His timing, say this prayer with me: Dear Lord - Let this lesson ring in my ears always. In life, I know there will be a lot more to overcome - such is life. Let me be prayerful in all things, knowing that you are never early or never late. Your timing is perfect. Your thoughts are not our thoughts. Your ways are not our ways. Let me Lord to fully let go and surrender all my ways - in total dependence and joy in you. Today and always. Amen

Dear Brides - I have the importance of putting the LORD first in my life, which includes HIS timing. We cannot be disappointed if He doesn't show up immediately and answer prayer. Remember that HIS desire is perfect, and HIS blessings are beyond one could ever imagine. We only get there by seeking HIM first, which will provide us with the endurance we need to WAIT!!

This book “Finding the Abundant Life” is a treasure! If we change our focus to our LORD, and soon discover the incredible blessings HE desires to give HIS Brides - the blessing of peace, joy and true happiness!! Read on...!!

~ Briella in California

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