The Strength I Need to Carry on

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♕ Today's Promise: "Therefore, the Lord desires to have mercy on you, And therefore He will rise up to have compassion on you. For the Lord is a God of justice; How blessed are all who wait for Him!! Isaiah 30:18

~ Isabella in Costa Rica

☊ PRAISE from Isabella

Today I cannot stop thanking my Beloved for every detail that he has had in my life!!!!!

A few days ago we were asked to visit to take care of my EH's (earthly husband) grandparents, because they were going through a somewhat difficult economic situation and they were getting depressed. They live in the southern part of my country and they have a big but empty house, because almost all the children left and have their own family. At home there is only one 50-year-old son who spends very little time there because he works a lot.

It gave me a bit of anxiety to make that trip since it is more than 8 hours by car and since I have my 4-year-old twin daughters I thought it was going to be a challenge, for this reason I ran at the feet of my Beloved HH (Heavenly Husband) since only He could give me the strength I need to carry on.

Another concern I had was who was going to take care of my animals because we have several chickens, dogs and cats and I was afraid to leave them alone.

But dear, as everything changes when we place it in His hands of Love, My Beloved not only provided us with a mega special person to take care of the house and the animals, but He took care of us throughout the trip with a wonderful climate, delicious food and closing with a beautiful moon that illuminated the way to reach our destination!!!

Once there we were able to help with the financial burden and cleaning the house. We filled the grandparents with love, we bought them delicious food and we bought them little things they wanted. We took care of cooking and washing and also helped with housework. The girls brought joy to the grandparents with the thousands of antics and occurrences of the moment.

And not only that, my Beloved allowed me to know glorious landscapes, valley tops, cloudy weather, and wonderful people.

I cannot help but thank my Beloved for such a special trip and for the opportunity to serve others.

The return was not easy, we were left with a broken heart to leave our grandparents, but we know and trust that the Lord has a glorious plan for this situation and we have already released everything in His hands of love.

When we got to our house, we could not help but be grateful. The man who was in charge of our home, did more than we could imagine, took care of the animals in a wonderful way, cleaned, and arranged the house and picked up trash and clutter that had been left.

My Beloved does always bless much more than we can imagine!!!!!

Thank you My Beloved Lord, because everything that I cannot handle You take it and make it wonderful!!! Thank you for this trip and for taking care of every detail and for the great joy of blessing the grandparents!

"Therefore, the Lord desires to have mercy on you, And therefore He will rise up to have compassion on you. For the Lord is a God of justice; How blessed are all who wait for Him!!” Isaiah 30:18

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