The Waterfall of Abundant Water Prophesy

I am pleased to let you know everything that our HH has been teaching us, He has always been faithful, taking care of us and supporting RBG in abundant Grace.

We begin, led by our HH, to minister early in the mornings in the FB group, sharing praises to the Lord, and using Psalms during this precious time with our HH, while we praise His name, He does minister to us with His love.

After a few weeks of doing it, in a time alone with my HH, while singing our song! MINE! He showed me a vision, that He also  confirmed through His word, that to continue doing this every morning (giving all the glory to Him while ministering with songs of praise for Him) He will be continuing ministering to us in His love, and the women would be guided to find the love of their life, and they would not only settle for a marriage restoration.

This is what he showed me in that vision. While singing our song MINE, (I will share the link of it for you), I was shown a waterfall of abundant water that descended from the sky and I was inside it, it was crystal clear, and abundant, I was singing and I felt as if someone was spilling water on my Head but without pressure; very light. Suddenly, in the vision I started to see flowers of different colors and types, they were thousands of flowers, that descended with the water, they were inside the waters, submerged in the waterfall. It was beautiful. Having peace and so much joy, my Heart was widening, I only said thank you, my Love, for this Beautiful vision, even without understanding it. I continued only giving thanks and rejoicing in His presence.

REVELATION: THE waterfall of abundant water that descended from the sky, It’s Him, our HH, as the scripture says, John 4:14 He is Source of water for eternal life, and we will never again be thirsty.

He showed me that the flowers in the vision are all and each woman that HE guides to himself to know Him, and His love, through those times of praising Him in the morning, that He has directed us to do, He also showed me that HE wants every woman, to become His bride. Also, every flower was different color and type, because we are each one, different and unique.

I was taken to His word Romans 12:2 Do not be conformed to this world, but be transformed by means of the renewal of your understanding, so that you can verify what is the Good Will of GOD, pleasant and perfect.

John 4:23-24 ESV “But the hour is coming, and is nowhere when the true worshipers will worship the Father in spirit and truth, for the Father is seeking such people to worship Him. God is the spirit, and those who worship Him must worship in spirit and truth.”

It is His perfect will for each bride to get to find life in abundance, like that waterfall, and not be satisfied,  just when the restoration of their marriage comes! That is His goal, that we will desire for more!!

For that Treasure, and invaluable portion and even ETERNAL LOVE!! His love. This is the renewed vision of our ministry, Restored By Grace, we will continue sharing the materials of RMI, without a doubt, for all our members of FB and YouTube channel, we will be sharing the lessons of finding an HH, with our testimonies of  HOW HE GUIDED US (NANCY, LOTA, MARIA, AND ME) TO FIND IT.

We will continue ministering in the mornings until He allows it.

We will also continue to send the RMI materials, for all the countries that HE has opened for us, now ARGENTINA, HE has provided us to send more, together with Lota, and Nancy. (I can not wait to have the books of FAL and LAL)

To begin, if our beloved HH allowed it, distribute them to all the countries that HE has opened for us, with the materials of restoration and wise woman.

He longs for each woman to be called HEPHZIBAH AND OUR LAND BEULAH. Isaiah 62:4 never again be called helpless, nor our land desolate. HEPHZIBAH means: MY DELIGHT IS IN IT, FELT MY JOY IS IN HER never again call us homeless, nor will we be more in failure, or scarcity because HE IS OUR RICHES. BEULA means: woman ready to get married. Our Heart is the soil that HE PREPARES!!! Ready! to find Him as a HEAVENLY HUSBAND.

Thanks for all your help, and support ERIN, without it we could not serve Him as we do! I LOVE YOU IN CHRIST. Link of our song !!!! Mine and my beloved Celestial Husband

~ Veronica in California

Veronica’s RMT