Then I Had Surprise #3

Today I want to thank my HH (Heavenly Husband) for so much blessings He continues to give to me. As you all know I was able to go to Paris and meet the board members and as the year was to an end, my family and I were going to have a quiet holiday season. My daughter and granddaughter were not coming to visit since the plane tickets were very expensive. No travel plans, just stay home and work around the house. I was able to have my dad stay with us, an amazing blessing. Spending time with him is so precious to me because I am very close to him. Even more exciting is he has agreed to move to our city so my brothers and I can have him close to us. This was surprise #1; a desire of my heart for many years.

On Christmas Day watching television in our family room, I hear a knock on the door. I looked at my EH confused because we were not expecting any company. I go to the door having long glass windows and as I looked, I couldn’t believe my eyes!! I rubbed them and looked again and there standing was my granddaughter. I opened the door and so preciously she said, “I walked all the way from Virginia to come see you.” WELL… I started screaming and jumping in JOY as my daughter drives up in her car. She says “SURPRISE!!!” Oh wow, it sure was!! I can’t remember the last time I was surprised like that!! My Love gave me surprise #2!! Their presence lit up our home and it was pure JOY to have my whole family together!!!

Then I had surprise #3, one of my very dear Spanish member and Volunteer Helen, came to Miami to visit. I was able to have her and her guests stay at my beach apartment. My EH and I hosted them a couple of days, taking them to tourist locations. We were also able to spend New Years Eve together with my family participating in similar traditions as theirs. In our culture being with family is so important and since they had anticipated being alone, they were very grateful. My Love continues to surprise me even with the smallest things and my heart is just bursting with LOVE for HIM!!!

~ Lota in Florida

Restored after going THROUGH the Fire!

RMI’s Spanish / Español Minister