They Simply “Don’t Have It”

Dear Brides, as long as you continue to long for someone or something else than the Lord, you will never see the desires of your hearts accomplished. As long as we look to humans or to circumstances in our lives, we will always be deceived.The Lord is the only one who can make us feel complete. Not just because He will bring us peace, joy and love but also because He “has it all”!! God is the Creator, the Maker of everything, He is our Provider! Men don’t have it and what we think they can give us are counterfeits.

I would highly recommend the book Finding Abundant Life to every woman. We don’t have to live a miserable life when we have the choice and the grace to enjoy the Abundant Life. It’s God’s desire is to bless His creatures, His children. He is just waiting for us to long for Him.

You gave us the opportunity to witness what You can do if we turn our hearts to You.

I have seen the hand of the Lord in my brother’s heart. He had started the first day of the year desperate and crying. This time around I had the courage to join actions to my words. I not only told him that there was no need to cry, that the solution was prayer, but I was able to hold his hands and start praying with him. He opened my mouth and I could see that my HH inspired me the words that he needed. He was able to comfort my brother immediately—I could not believe it myself when I saw how fast HE acted. Within few hours the whole situation turned around. My brother was able to hold his son in his arms and to spend the 1st day of the year with him. My brother is usually a very joyful person, but he was too happy that it became annoying 🙂 He was speaking out loud, laughing loud and playing loud music and singing with it!! He put so much joy in his heart!!

Later in the day, my brother told me that some may think that I am crazy to hope for restoration but that I was right to believe.

I was a bit ashamed. My brother thinks of restoration with my ex-boyfriend as the focus of my prayers because I have spent so much time talking about it. I have asked him so many times to pray for it to happen. Now he believes that is what will make me the happiest woman on earth. So I was ashamed. Longing for my ex is now a shame for me. Glory be to You HH!

My HH convinced me that I needed to change my focus. I have witnessed a miracle the first day of this blessed year. I felt so honored and happy that He used me to talk to my brother, to comfort him as He always does for me. This is what happens when we look to HIM and remain quiet. He act on our behalf. Only You My God can satisfy the desires of my heart.

Some days ago last year, I asked for His forgiveness because I was still disobedient to my father, I asked for Him help because I didn’t know how to make things right again. HE heard my prayers. My father invited me home for the holidays and I had a very good time with him. I spent the end of year’s celebrations with my family. That was a great blessing. What I understand from this, is that I had a burden and I just gave it to Him. I did not try anything, I remained quiet though I missed my father so much. As a result, HE had mercy on me. I did not realize until I was at home with my family that He had answered my prayer and that He offered me the opportunity to spend time at my father’s home and to submit to him.

I know it will not be easy but from now I want to go to my HH with all my burdens, I want to stop worrying. I just want to enjoy the life He died to offer me, the abundant life. And I want to encourage those He will put into my life to do the same. I want a happier life, a life that will convince my neighbour that HE is the best choice. A life that reflects HIS love.

This morning again my ex was the first who came to my mind and that is because I dreamt of him. This is still the side effect of my obsession. Lord forgive me and help me to change my focus and attention. Please I need to be in love with You.

Pray with me: You know how much I need You. You know everything, You know how much I desire to be closer to You.

Please draw me closer to You! Take my heart out of that shell. I know and believe that You are here close to me, You have always been. It’s me who cannot feel Your presence. There is nothing good I can do without You HH. I need You, I need You so much.

Please be real in my heart. You know how much I need a Confident, a Friend, a Husband, Someone who will love me unconditionally. Someone who cherishes me, who spoils me, who protects me. I need You.

Now I know that I must stop being angry with people because I don’t get what I felt they must give me. They simply “don’t have it”. What they have can’t be enough for me. Only You know my weakness, only You know what I really need.I know You are here waiting for me. I cannot come to You by my own power. It can happen only by Your grace.

~  Eliza in Cameroon

Eliza is on our Translation Team helping us in French.