Things I Just Thought … He did !! \o/

Hello beloved and precious of the Lord! I praise and praise my Lord for all the benefits you have done to me! For all the good and love you give me … He is wonderful! Friends, in this PR I come to tell you what He did for me. When I started the year I put in my prayer book a list like this: 2019 Year of Restitution and below I listed everything I wish the Lord could do for me and the last thing on the list was “going to Brazil”.

Since when I found the RMI I learned to make lists, I learned to put things on the 3×5 card, but one thing I found wonderful was stating the word and the word says that everything we ask in the name of Jesus will be done to us. Erin says this in the videos of course 2. 🙂 So I made the list and put it in the name of Jesus.

It pleased my love to begin to bless me at the end of the list..then He was doing everything, inclining hearts to bless me as buying bags, tickets … He told me that He would take care of everything. I trusted!! My boss gave me paid holidays, all from the most Precious Hands in the world. I arrived in Brazil to enjoy 10 days of holidays with my family and with $100.00 in hands only. But trusting that He would do everything. For it was Himself who heard my prayers, for it had been three years that I had not been to Brazil.

Everyday people offered me lunch, dinner, I did not lack anything, absolutely anything. God sent His servants to bring money offerings to me, words from the Throne, books, new Bibles, clothes, shoes … everything I just thought came into my hands. \ o / Praised be God !!

Take delight in the Lord, and he will give you the desires of your heart. Psalm 37:4

But as soon as I arrived I started with toothaches … it was when I remembered a prayer that I made right at the beginning of the Journey, that He would keep my teeth until I could go to Brazil because here it is not possible to treat my teeth. And He did it. I went to the dentist, I could do a treatment that I did not even think I could do, God sent angels to help me pay, So many blessings that do not fit here.

The most amazing thing was that I could meet with our Portuguese Minister Paula. We had a moment of communion, provided by our Beloved Lord through Erin, thank you Lovely Erin! Thank you my Beloved HH. We were able to share about our family and journey. Paula is a wonderful and beautiful woman not only on the inside, but the smile and brilliance of her face is contagious. We laughed a lot, got lost on the way, walked, went to a wonderful park, prayed together, read the word …. everything He did the way He wanted…

I really “ate the best of this earth” as His word says in Isaiah 1:19 “If you will listen to me and obey me, you will eat the best of this land.” He fulfilled all my heart’s wishes … thank you my Love !!! I’m still ecstatic with so much Love, care and pampering I received. Things I just thought … He did !! \o/

~ Erica in Ireland
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