Two RMTs to Two who Give

“God takes care of me”

I would like to thank God for His care, His faithfulness, His provision, His love.

Until 6 months ago I’m alone, but now I am not alone because my HH is with me! I had been going through some difficulties, both financial and emotional. Then one day through a prayer site that I was looking for for my marriage, I was given the link to RMI. I, though a Christian, did not understand the power of tithing and offerings until I began taking the courses.

Then one day, in the midst of darkness, God touched my heart through a word, about the importance of tithing. Once I began tithing, both my financial and professional life has completely changed! Today I live financially so blessed, I am praised for my work and last but not least—my bank balance turned around—after I became faithful in giving the tithes and also not neglecting giving offerings.

Now I see that God takes care of me in the smallest details. The Lord has fulfilled all my needs. I know He will do much more if He remains faithful to Him with my tithes and offerings. My heart is in the hands of the Lord and in Him I find peace and joy. Hallelujah! Praise my generous and loving HH.

“Bring all the tithes into the treasure house, that there may be food in my house, and then prove me, saith the Lord of hosts, if I will not open the windows of heaven to you, and pour out a blessing upon you, may the greatest prosperity come to you. ” Malachi 3:10

God is faithful to fulfilling His word and I have seen it fulfilled in my own life. And it all started with tithing! It is wonderful to see His power over us and I know He will do the same in the other areas of my life. The secret is simple, just believe and be faithful to Him and He will reward us accordingly!!

~ Delfina

God did more just as Delfina said, on December 2nd we will share her RESTORED Marriage Testimony!

“Trust Fully”

Hello, my dear companions in this amazing journey!

In this praise report I want to share how much of a blessings that tithing has brought to my life hopefully to encourage each of you to become faithful. This week as I walked to the bank to get some money, I was thinking about how my financial life is better today, after my separation, than before! And this, I know, is coming from fulfilling this principle in my life. Ever since I started tithing here at RMI, my Storehouse, I see that provisions have come in unexpectedly and much more than I ever imagined.

Now, in addition to having what is necessary for me to live comfortably, the Lord is blessing me even more—so that I have the opportunity to bless others who need it. This is a wonderful feeling! The Lord, my HH, takes care of me as “the apple of His eye” and now I’ve become a channel not just of His love and truth to other women, I now can bless them financially as He shows me a need.

I thank Him for His love for me and for how He loves all of us women who are on this same journey with Him. The blessings are all around us all the time and I can not stop seeing His hand in my life and that of other people who have chosen to look to Him and His word.

Every morning when I read the Encourager blog on my phone, I realize how much time He is using to draw each of us closer and closer to Him and teach us to trust fully in His plans and purposes for our good. God is good all the time.

”Honor the Lord with all his resources and with the first fruits of all his plantations; their barns will be full, and their barrels overflow with wine.” Proverbs 3: 9-10

All that we receive comes from the Lord and when we return just one tenth to our true Storehouse with joy and gratitude that belongs to Him, giving to where we are spiritually fed, He honors us by supplying all our needs. And will give us more, so we can still bless others with our earnings and our testimony.

~ Luna

Luna too submitted her RMT that will also post in December.