Unconditional Love that is Guaranteed

Dear Brides, Chapter 7 “Longing For Whom?” find your HH and don’t let go of Him ever. If you aren’t married yet now is the time to find Him so when You do marry He will be able to guide you in the direction and bless you in your marriage. Your spouse will thank Him. For those who are finding your marriage in a crisis grab hold of your HH and become His bride so He can show You the love that you have been missing. The confidence that you seek from your husband or others can only be found in Him and it is better than anything anyone could offer.

During this separation with my EH, I have come to see that what I need was more of my Love not EH. It has been seven months and my Love has been here with every step of the way. Picking me up when I didn’t want to hardly even live. He has shown me that He is really all I need to have joy and love in my life. Things are so different now. Life is good. Happiness comes each and every day and I will continue to pursue Him every day.

All of us should have Him as our lover because He is the best. No matter if you feel like nobody loves you, or rejected or abandoned it doesn’t matter because He loves you unconditionally. It’s a wonderful feeling. No man will ever give you that feeling. To have this feeling of being loved. The confidence that many of us get from our EH or others saying that we are beautiful or attractive you won’t need anyone to tell you that because He feels that way about you all the time.

—Isaiah 30:18 “Therefore the LORD longs to be gracious to you, And therefore He waits on high to have compassion on you. For the LORD is a God of justice; How blessed are all those who long for Him”.

My Love has taught me that He is all I want, all I need and if I have Him then I have everything. That I can’t find anyone on this earth (EH) to love me, be a confidant, lover, provider and so much more to me than Him. I, like a lot of women, was looking to others (EH, family, friends, etc) for love, support, and other things but they do not have it to give. If I want something from them then I have to go to Him first and He will provide it. Now I spend way more time with Him whether reading my bible, praying or just talking to Him about everything. It is a joy.

Every day is a new day to renew my mind with Him and get more intimate with Him.

If you feel this way, pray with me now: My Love thank You for loving me unconditionally and telling me I am beautiful and giving me confidence. You are amazing and I do not ever want to live my life without You again. I want to encourage others who might be in pain to grow closer with You and not feel that pain anymore. To find their HH and feel the unconditional love that is guaranteed when You are first in our hearts. Worries, fears, doubts, among other things, have become almost non-existent and I find myself needing Your guidance and love all the time. You bring joy into my life where I thought I would never have that joy again because my EH isn’t around right now, but You have shown me that he is not needed nor can he give me what I need. What I need comes from You. Thank You for opening my eyes and heart to this understanding. I wait patiently (most of the time) for Your next move. Love Your Bride.

Grab this book and find your Abundant Life in Him. He is waiting to be gracious and compassionate to you.

~ Amanda
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