Utterly Lovesick is a Condition

Dear Brides, Utterly Lovesick is a condition that we should all be finding ourselves in. When we are utterly lovesick with our HH, anything and everything that goes on around us will not matter at all.

After reading this chapter 2 times my favorite verse that was used was Eph. 3:20 “God is able to do far more than we could ever ask for or imagine. He does everything by his power that is working in us.”

In my situation, which I deem to be an impossible situation as far as marriage restoration goes. God says that He can do far more than I can ever imagine. So my thoughts about it not being possible is my imagination. Then God says by His power working in me. It means that there is no way I can do it on my own!!! Only through His power is that which is deemed impossible…made possible…Thank You for that reassurance, Lord.

This has taught me that we are all on different paths with the Lord. We should never compare ourselves or our situations with anyone else. God has formed each of us uniquely and so too our journeys. They are unique. If you are unsure of what road He wants you to follow then we should ask of Him to guide us through His word. If there is something I have learnt lately then it is… Ask ask ask… Him!

To be honest, I have been struggling with double-mindedness not really being sure if the journey I am on is the one that God wanted me to be on in the first place. Which has caused me to veer off not just once…but twice very recently. Actually giving up on restoration. I had lost track of what He says in His Word. And what His will is, is more important than following my fleshly desires, which is what I ultimately did. What ultimately drew me back onto the right path was His love, His faithfulness, knowing that He was always there waiting for me with open arms to come back to Him.

The Lord will let us go on our own paths if we so wish. He is gentle and although He allows us to veer off. He will wait and if necessary make the situation unbearable, to put an end to it. But He will never leave You nor forsake you. Therefore I will be obeying Him and choosing Him above all else. I hope you will too.

I have been struggling with taking matters into my own hand. Going before the Lord with plan B. There is no plan B. When the Lord puts something on your heart, stick to it. I had gone outside of His will, willingly and it has only brought heartache, pain, and shame. And the Lord says they looked at Him and their faces will never be ashamed so I took my eyes off of Him.

Dear Brides, if there is any advice I could give you on this chapter then it would be to ask God to make you utterly lovesick for Him—so that your journey will become so much easier. As your focus will be on Him and nothing else. God Bless you.

Some of you will not be leased interested to read Living the Abundant Life especially because it does not focus on restoration, which is what we all came here for. But this book teaches us that we are unique, our journeys are unique, and if we keep Him first—He will still give us the desires of our hearts: a restored marriage or a new better life. It does not matter as long as we keep Him first.

~ Mercy in South Africa

Afrikaans Translator