Venture out Without being Afraid

Dear Brides. Often times we are blind to see what is getting in our way from making progress in our lives and sometimes we just need to take a moment to learn that it can be the easiest task we need to do to move forward, to a new life, a new way of living. Here in Chapter 9 "Give" you will find what you missing or what's stopping you to find peace and hope and that what you desire.

Wow. This Chapter was the second calling today in the matters of letting go, simply let go and give and not be afraid so that my blessings, you see, I have been tithing to RMI but I only have given 5% of my income. I give in at the begging of the month and keep the other 5% just in case I can't get by I use that money to until my other check. I must admit I have been afraid NOT to have anything left, this month I did the same it’s there waiting to be sent or be used as last resort.

But with this Chapter 9 "Give" and my Bible reading earlier I am being led to have complete faith and trust. I will donate it as originally intended. Today I committed to a 24 hour fast only liquids and an occasional fruit I don't know if that's acceptable but I'm sure it's not going to be easy I hope just like this chapter, God my HH keeps talking to me.

“There is one who scatters and yet increases all the more, and there is one who withholds what is justly due, and yet it results only in want. The generous man will be prosperous, and he who waters will himself be watered” (Proverbs 11:24–25).

This promise is so powerful it gives me the motivation to do what I am led to do and that is to give, and to have faith.

Today I will execute the giving that I have been called out to do and that I had hesitated. I will donate whats due to RMI with faith that all will be well because my HH has me covered.

If you have struggled with giving especially in the area of tithing then please pray along with me: Dear Lord thank you for today's lesson, as it has been clear that I need to have FAITH IN YOU not just in words but I need to feel it and own it, that even if my security is in doubt I know things will be okay and that it is just the enemy trying to get in, I just ask you to help me fight off the negative emotions, I shall always be in spirit.

Dear Brides. Faith is more than just mere words, we often must prove our faith truly, but how to venture out without being afraid and trusting our HH, here you will learn just that.

Dear Reader, the Lord's Blessings are in disguise they are there, we have to learn to see them. It's our responsibility to learn how to discover and get them. Here in “Finding the Abundant Life” we are taught how to do just that.

~ Emma
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