Vulnerable and Helpless without Documents and Any Money in a Foreign Country

A month ago I was blessed with a trip to Florida (I live in Costa Rica). Our HH “Heavenly Husband” touched my mother’s heart to visit a great friend who is now 89 years old, widowed 2 years ago (after a marriage of 63 years) and recovering from a skin cancer operation.

My mom offered to cover my air ticket and all my ground transportation. When I began to organize my trip I got in touch with a Bride who I had met at the Retiro de Granada a year ago (Dec. 2017) because I wanted to take the opportunity to see her and to my surprise she offered me her house and picking me up at the airport .

The older man lives in England but decided to spend 2 months on the coast of Florida (Gulf of Mexico) to escape the winter, so he had rented a 2 bedroom villa fully furnished, so he offered to host me in his villa throughout the time I would like without having to incur in any expense of food or lodging. PTL

The day of my arrival in Florida, I was extremely excited until the moment when I was leaving with my friend from the airport I realized that my passport was no longer with me nor the cash I had saved.

We returned to the airport immediately but due to the traffic, we lasted 40 minutes to arrive and nobody knew anything about a lost passport. I got so scared that I started crying in my friend’s car and she felt guilty. In my heart I told my Lord that I trusted Him and that I knew that this was only happening because he would have something good from all of this. I could not understand it but I knew that everything would go well, so I wiped my tears and told my friend that this would not stop me from enjoying this beautiful gift of my HH and that I would not think about it anymore because the Lord would take care of it.

I arrived on the eve of Thanksgiving, so the Embassy of my country was closed on Thursday, on Friday that was Black Friday, Saturday and Sunday. This meant 4 days that I was completely clueless about how to return to my country, particularly because I  had lost all my cash and I only had a credit card that did not have much money available.

On Wednesday night, I sent a text message to the Englishman’s daughter to inform her of what had happened to me and that possibly my arrival to the coast would be delayed however I needed to inform her dad but did not know how to reach him.  

To my surprise, the gentleman called me by whatsapp in the morning and told me that he was already informed about my situation and that in the USA both Thursday and Friday all businesses would be closed, and he considered it appropriate that I continued with my original plans and that I could have the certainty that while I was in the condo, I would need to pay for absolutely nothing and that he would cover the costs of any paperwork I had to complete in order to return to my country. Praise be to my God.

During my visit, I had the opportunity to help this elder adult to become familiar with the equipment such as washing machine, dryer, kitchen, pots and especially his cell phone to keep in constant communication with his daughters who live in England. He is a person who really only occupies that someone is there by his side listening to his stories and anecdotes.  Just a little company. I praise my Lord with all my heart for it.

He owned a recognized restaurant in the area and the current general manager received us for dinner on my first night. When she consulted about my passport, I briefly told her that I had to make a report to the police about the loss but especially about the loss of my visa. I explained that I had tried to do it in Miami in 3 different police stations and that none had agreed to do so. Then she told me that the sheriff was very close to the business and that she would comment on it because she believed that it would not be a problem.

Again by the grace of my God, the sheriff came exclusively to see me on a Sunday at 3pm, just asked for my ID and made the virtual report of the loss, so I could use it for my visa replacement on my return to home.  I was speechless when he returned saying that on his last trip with his wife to Cuba she lost her passport and he understood perfectly what I was going through. Only God can make these kinds of encounters. Blessed be His name.

Early Monday morning I made the call to the embassy of my country to inform me about the procedures. The safe-conduct had a cost of $ 32 and had to be deposited in a bank account, which would be a problem because I had no cash. However, I continued to trust in God. When the consul was about to finish with the details, she told me that there was another option and this would be by checking with the airline if they allowed me to travel only with my identity document. I did not have phone service on my cell phone, so I contacted my friend using whatsapp and she did me the favor of making a conference call with the airline.

The agent who attended me was not very helpful and said that this would only be possible with a letter from my Country´s Migration Department, which was impossible to obtain at that point, so we checked the prices if I had to change the dates of the ticket but no changes were made.   When I got back to the condo, the gentleman asked me how things were so far and once again he offered to pay for my ticket modification fee, my safe conduct document, my bus ticket change and anything I would need!! PTL

He asked me to make all the changes as soon as possible so I could enjoy the rest of the trip and in order to be obedient, I did so.  While I was making the change with the airline online, my credit card did not go through, so I started praying in my mind and said to my HH that I would be obedient and that if he wanted me to stay with my original plans even knowing that time was tight,  I would do so. The gentleman then said to me that I had to contact the airline by phone and tell them about the error I was getting online so they could help me. Once again I did so and when I was making the changes with the agent he offered to deduct the charge that they have with changes made by phone and an inner voice told me to ask him if they would take my ID document just to get back home.   I was again speechless when after checking with à supervisor, he told me that the airline would be happy to take me on the plane if I could get just à letter from the Embassy saying that they did not have any trouble with me entering my country using my ID document.

I was full of joy when I heard this and I was praising the Lord in my mind over and over and over again.  I could not believe it. I immediately send a message to my Embassy requesting this letter and asked if they could email it to me,  so I did not have to go to their offices as it was a bit far from where I was staying. My HH once again took care of everything and I got a positive response from the Embassy.

I was able to change my ticket dates, my bus ride date and had time to share with my beautiful friend who is also an extraordinary Lord’s bride.   As God is so perfect, he does everything perfect too. On Tuesday´s night, the gentleman put in my hand some dollars bills and he said that it was the money he offered in order to cover all the changes.   I was very embarrassed for it so I just put the money on my wallet without knowing the quantity and I thanked God for His kindness.

I went back to Miami on Thursday afternoon that was my original date to fly back home, but with the change I managed to stay one more night in the coast and then return to Miami for two nights before going home. When I took the bus back to Miami I remember that it was my friend´s birthday and I did not know how to bless her,  so I took a look in my wallet and counted the bills that were given to me, realizing that I had $500. I was in shock. My changes were $ 180 approximately and the money I lost with my passport was $201, so God touched the heart of this gentleman by blessing me with the double of the amount I originally lost. I never mentioned to this person the cash I lost. When I saw this amount,  I felt my Holy Spirit asking me to take part of this money and bless my friend. So after having cake at her home I gave her the money.

The following day,  we planned to spend the day together and see if we could meet with our Spanish Minister, Lota, in Miami.  When I started organizing my trip, I contacted her to meet her but she was also blessed with a trip abroad on the same dates I was travelling,  so a meeting was out of question at this point. However, our Ministry said once to me, I was hoping you were able to change your dates to see each other,  but let’s see because if it is the Lord’s will HE will orchestrate something to see each other.

And He did. Due to my passport lost,  I had to change my flight dates and I was able to meet with the Ministry in Miami, Lota,  we were laughing together to see how from a not very pleasant situation to many blessings arrive to you.   After having lunch with Lota, we went to à place where my friend had something to do and I decided to contact the gentleman by facetime just to thank him for the extra money he gave me and I took advantage to tell him that with that extra money I was able to bless my friend on her birthday.   His answer left me in complete shock again, He said that he was very happy I did it, because as he has known me for so long he knew I would probably love to do something nice for my friend and that is why he included more money. My friend was in tears when I told her how God used me to deliver the money to her hands.  Money that she never asked for but was in need in that day.

By seeing Lota,  I was able to take some of the Men books RYM in Spanish and I even was blessed with a suitcase that gave me the chance to bring the books.  To finalize, when I got to the airport on my departure day, after approving the Embassy letter, the airline agent told me that my luggage was overweight by 5 pounds so I was free to take them off.   I did not know what face I showed her but I said, “Can you just please charge me for it, I only desire to get home at this moment.” She looked at me and she said, “You know what? Do not worry, I will take care of it,  and no additional charges will be billed.” My eyes were full of tears when I heard her. I saw the power of my HH taking care of me again. He knew I was taking books for men for the first time and He would never allow à charge to be made.  PTL

This has been one of the biggest faith trials in my journey so far, but now I know that no matter what happens to me or you,  if you and I trust Him and let Him work, He will take care of every single detail in our lives. I felt vulnerable and helpless by being without documents and any money in a foreign country, but in these 10 days I am a witness to the greatness, the power but above all of the LOVE of God for me. I have been able to see how God has transformed me,  if something like this would have happened being my old me, my trip would probably had being a complete nightmare, but I can feel only peace, love and see God behind each of all these miracles.

He promised to take care of me as His bride and He has done so.  He showed me that all I need is Him. Nothing is impossible for Him.

~ Poppy

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