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♕ Today's Promise:Those who sow with tears will reap with joyful joy.” Psalm 126:5

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Dear Bride, in this chapter of "Finding the Abundant Life" called "It’s SO Worth the Wait" for our Lord to fulfill the promises He has given you. When the time is right, all those involved will see that it is He who should take all the credit for what happened. For the promise you've been waiting for. Our suffering and sorrow is not without purpose. God has a plan with it. It is very hard at times but He has given us someone who will always help us. The Lord. The LORD our Beloved has suffered so much that we cannot realize it. And all for the salvation of our lives and the conquest of our hearts. If you just ask Him, He will help you get through the suffering and sorrow. Your suffering is not unknown to Him and He catches every tear. But the great thing is that during your suffering and the waiting phase you are in you can also experience the perfect peace, happiness and love from Him. It is even possible to enjoy the waiting period you are in. Because before you know it, it's over. Waiting is not easy and in this lesson you will learn why God created the waiting period and how best to get through it. He loves you and will always take care of you. Because He is only too happy to fulfill the promises He has given you through a vision to you. When you have read this chapter, you will understand and more easily maintain your recovery journey until the end.

It is possible to achieve now as the place of peace and prosperity and joy in my life. But the waiting process that you go through from time to time has a wonderful purpose. While waiting, you have the opportunity to get to know the Lord in a more intimate way. It molds you in such a way that you can better serve others. The good news is that I don't have to wait for the peace and prosperity and joy to come into my life. My free passage into this life is the Lord, my Beloved Heavenly Husband. He will give me all the promises that He has promised me. And while waiting, He will carry me. God made the waiting process on purpose. This is a period of time after which He will determine if I am really ready to receive what I have asked for.

Waiting for something is the hardest thing a Christian has to do. We don't know how to do it right or enjoy it ourselves. So we often do not reach the end of receiving the promise that God has promised us. But the Bible clearly says that when God shows us something it is often for an appointed time and not for now. And that's why I have to write it down so I won't forget. When God shows me something it is for the future because I cannot deal with it yet. When the promise is given, it is at a time when God will receive all the glory. He has then organized all parties in such a way that He can bring the miracle into our lives.

When we suffer and the promise takes too long to be fulfilled. Then is when we begin to think that it may not have come from God or that He does not love us. And when the promise is fulfilled, sometimes we are not present or we do not care enough that God has been faithful to us again.

We Christians want things now or never. And it is so easy to deal with the temptations when we are in a suffering period. But we forget that anticipation has an effect on others. Have a negative effect. Because we are selfish by nature. Not until you start to care more about the will of God than about your own will you keep it up. My God shapes me moment by moment, day by day through every situation and circumstance. Nothing is lost. He is true to His promises. I just have to look at the life of my Lord.

Even if you have been through a lot or are experiencing a lot. The Lord is aware of our grief. His own Son had to suffer a lot. But after that, the outcome of that suffering has given us so much beauty. When He had achieved His goal. During this suffering that the Lord has experienced, He has received help to carry the cross. Just as we can get help from Someone to bear our cross. As long as we just ask. There was a purpose for this suffering that the Lord went through. The goal to save me. God the Father saw beyond the suffering inflicted on His Son. God saw the faces of everyone it was done for. Every drop of blood was needed to save me and others.

Before, I thought that if you surrendered to God, suffering, sorrow, and worry would be over. After all, He has said that we don't have to wait until we get to heaven to stop crying. However, now I understand that like our Lord, we are to suffer for a higher purpose. A goal that we do not know or understand at the moment of suffering, but we do later. It is not nice to go through the trials all the time. But it has made me stronger and more dependent on Him. I wouldn't be here without Him. And now I can tell others how He has helped me. And has saved. I often have impatient moments. Sometimes it escapes me why it is necessary to have to be sad all the time. It could also be different. However, I know that if things were always going to be easy, we would value less what we get for them. Throughout the Bible I read the stories of the people who brought God's Word. It was not easy for them. But they wouldn't have wanted it any other way. And I myself have certainly found that when you sit with Him, you draw new strength from His Word and presence.

Often I have thought why I need so much sorrow and worry. Not a day goes by that I don't feel sad or think about something. So to suffer. But now I understand that the suffering I am going through and the grief I have about different circumstances has a purpose. Not a moment of my suffering is lost for the purpose for which God intended. Just as the Lord suffered no longer than it took to accomplish the purpose for the salvation of my soul. Everything I experience or go through, God will use to save others. And all the while I thought my suffering was only for my own improvement. This is partly true if I don't go through the tests. What testimonies do I have to tell others of the mighty miracles the Lord has done for me. From his great love and mercy. It's not about me that I suffer. Me with my suffering, God has a greater purpose. in the waiting process after asking Him something I can learn a lot. I don't have to wait alone. Someone has been given to me who will always help me.

In the lesson there is a nice example of how we can propagate this principle: Whenever we have to suffer, take a moment to think about what the suffering of the Lord has done for us. How He is helping us now so that every little bit of our suffering will be for a special purpose. And always remember that God, my Beloved, loves me. He is my help to help me through my troubles.

Dear Brides, I have learned that you better wait for God to give the promise He has shown you. Then you try to get it done yourself or not keep it up to the end. The waiting period is also a period in which you can build a more intimate relationship with Him. You can experience peace, happiness and tranquility during this period. so that you can come through it enjoying. God is aware of my suffering and sorrow, but with all of this He will not stop or shorten it until necessary. He knows the beauty that is attached to it. Our Lord also had to suffer. His own Son and with that He has received the salvation of our life. Every suffering has a purpose. One that we do not understand at the time, but later on. Because the vision that God gives you is often one for the future.

“These are the graces of the Lord, that we are not perished: for his mercies do not fail, they are new every morning, great is your faithfulness. My soul says, My portion is the Lord, therefore I will hope in him.” Lamentations 3: 22-24

-Because of the love and kindness of my Lord, I am still here and I am well. 

“Those who sow with tears will reap with joyful joy.” Psalm 126:5

-My tears are known to Him. One day I will not cry anymore but will be full of joy. And see the promise come true. 

~ Kristine in the Netherlands
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