Wanted me All to Himself

I stopped going to church for about a few months now and then when I began it allowed me to have more time with God.

God has changed me in many ways. He has taught me that the church is the people and that to minister, is ministering to the people everywhere not just in a church building.

When I was trusting Him for where He wanted me to be on Sundays the words I was taught by God is to seek Him first and His kingdom. To study more of His Word and pray more. To be intimate with Him as my HH.

Becoming His church without walls was difficult at times, yet my Husband has helped me through each hardship I faced. I always would seek the church for help, but in reality, all along He wanted me all to Himself to show me that He is all that I need and should want and He will provide all the answers for me.

The “turning point” of actually ENJOYING these times with Him was to have my quiet times with Him and to be able to be in His presence as much as I want to be. To be able to focus on Him and relax knowing that He is always with me, to be able to feel Him closeby.

Each Sunday is a bit different. Some days I may go out for a walk or go do something I enjoy doing. Sometimes I will spend time reading or just relax. Listening to different music and just enjoy being with my Husband in my own time without rushing.

Dear radiant bride, having more time with your Husband is the best thing that you can give yourself. God loves us so much that no matter what we do, He is always there for us and He will pick us up even when we fall. Enjoy the time you have with HIM.

~ Jensine in Pennsylvania