Web Pages—a Beautiful Encounter with God

Readers have experienced that on reaching the pages of this ministry, any page, that it is not a page anymore. It is not a simple web page.

Each day I have experienced the presence of God and His powerful hand acting in my favor, the same God coming to my rescue and changing all my story, a story that began in so much tragedy crying pain, disappointment and extreme suffering to the point of losing faith and all HOPE.


IT’S GOING TO BE WORTH IT WHEN I COME AND AM READING LESSONS DAY-TO-DAY.  It’s worth doing each course, every lesson and filling in my Journal. These websites are words and phrases that God has put in my mind and my heart always and always and every time I sit in front of the computer the first thing that comes is to access those pages, because in them I find a beautiful encounter with God!  And every time I read the Encourager and meditate on each phrase, it is a sigh and a fresh breath that I feel in every word that God tells me through His writing.

The way God uses Erin to speak to us, to explain us and to make us understand the things that God has for our lives makes life worth living. To know how to feel so very real our HH in each phrase and how we can be guided to understand the purpose and to believe each day more of the promises that God has made for us.

To value each tear and each drop of blood that was for us. Thank you once again to God for that beautiful and great sacrifice He made to give us salvation and eternal life and for every promise that fills us with encouragement and increases our faith day by day. ERIN once again thank you for your obedience. May you be blessed with every heavenly blessing. Thank you, Father, for this ministry and for the life of each of the people who work here.

Psalm 35:28 That’s why I will speak of Your righteousness and sing praises to You all day long.

~ Tamar in Mexico