Well-Known Christian Fanatic

I’m not going to tell you anything new that Erin would mention, just so much that God can change your situation that it’s not your husband who did it but that He’s the one who did it because you got away or gone from true love to me, as I did it ….. Even though you may feel like you believe, you go to church, you pray, something is wrong in your life, something God does not want, He does not want you to keep doing what you’re doing.

If you do not believe what I said, start reading carefully, the book How God Rebuilds Your Marriage or the Wise Woman and you will see we are a Pharisee but are able to live as faithful women. I was a well-known Christian fanatic, but I had to fall too deep for my heart to be broken because it was only then I was able to accept God’s truth in what I did wrong in my Christianity. Now I see that the problem was not just my husband, but I was a Christian Pharisee who made the mistakes and my husband’s behavior was only the result of my mistakes, ignorance and being a Pharisee…

Also, do not be afraid, follow the instructions in these books. They will teach you how to regret your sins, how to surrender everything to God, how to stop things from deteriorating immediately, how to change yourself, and then how God will change your husband, how to focus on the Lord, how to let go of your husband, how to forgive him again and again, how to realize that what you are doing is a spiritual struggle, and those horrible things that your husband says are lies of the enemy. You will see how things change from day to day.

Dear Sister, I would very much want to wipe your tears from your face, embrace you and let you know that the Lord will help you. Dive into the words of the Psalms. Whenever you read something that you have already heard, it suddenly comforts your heart and relieves you of your soul. And soon that promise will actually happen!

God is faithful, nothing is impossible to do …. Psalm 4: 4 “Know that GOD also makes miracles because of his faithfulness”

Thanks to you my King for being a Loving Husband. I praise you, Lord, that where we end, Your power is beginning to manifest. I love that You are mine.

~ Joan in Slovakia

Slovakian student currently doing Course 3