w@h “Juggle Work-Life and Home-Life”

Dear Brides. As a working mother, one of the things I am having trouble with the most is keeping up with everything that needs to be done. And I am not only talking about having the time but also having the energy to want to do it. After reading Chapter 7 The Right Method "The Tasks in Hand" I got so excited because now I finally have a solution to a problem that I have been struggling with for a long time.

Let me begin by explaining how I grew up. I am the youngest of 5 children and yes I admit I was very spoiled. If you ask any of my brothers and sisters, I hope you have enough time because they will extensively tell you just exactly how spoiled I was 🙂 My mother was a single working mother and therefore depended a lot on my older brothers and sisters to take care of the home and me which all of them did very well and up till today all four of them are very neat on their homes (my brothers often doing the cleaning, cooking, etc instead of their wives).

Somewhere along the line, I missed the whole exercise and as I was reading this Chapter 7 The Right Method "The Tasks in Hand", the Lord made me realize why it was. As I was growing up, they did everything for me so I never learned to be organized in my home. I am definitely not blaming them, but I can see the cause and I can also see that I am doing exactly the same with my two children! So when I realized what the Lord expected from me as a mother and a keeper of my home, I did not know where to begin as was explained in this chapter. I would let things heap up and then work myself into a frenzy over a weekend. I know this is not light and easy and therefore not from my Husband so I did what I should have done long ago, I gave it to Him and asked Him to solve this problem. LOL, I must admit I told Him that I know that He will be able to let me go to sleep and wake up to a clean house because He can do anything:):):). Instead, He gave me this chapter to read. He is so faithful:)

This card system is absolutely amazing and I cannot believe that I have not thought of this before. Thank you so much I will definitely start making lists and although I know getting it started and getting my children into the habit is going to take a lot of dedication and patience. I can see exactly how this will pay off in the long run. So please look out for my Praise Report a few months from now:):):). I am so super excited to start this process. In the beginning, what I did was divide the rooms of my home into the different days of the week and clean them, but the effort was just too much. I love how Erin explains that tasks can be separated in different rooms, for example, clean all the window sills (a task I always forget to do) once a week instead of doing it every day for a specific room.

I will start with this card system immediately with the guidance of the Lord and He will give me wisdom on how to best start the children off on this system. Getting them and myself to break a habit that was formed over years and to start with this system can only be done by the Lord and the success of it all which I know it will be all because of Him!!!

Oh Lord, I know I have asked You this many a time, but what would I do without You? Thank You for answering my prayer in the way You answered it today. You are just so very amazing. Lord, I pray that You give me the wisdom and the patience to implement this system. Thank You that I know I will not be in it alone, but that You will be with me every step of the way. I love You so very much.

This is a must-read and not just for women who work at home but also for women who have to juggle work life and home life and keep it all in order and still find that time to just sit at the Lord's feet instead of running around all the time.

“apart from Me you can do nothing” (John 15:5).

Amen!!! I have been asking the Lord for so long to help me with my home. And here He just showed up. If it was not for Him I would not have read this wonderful chapter.

Yvonne in South Africa
RMI African Director
Managing Operations Director

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