Dear Brides, I have often made the mistake of working too hard, organizing too much.  My organizing was often only "moving chairs on the deck of the Titanic." Seek HIS lead, and He will help you.  Whether you like to organize, or not, whether you have much stuff or only a little, He WILL provide and He will lead you, if you only SEEK HIM!

I usually read a chapter of the RMIEW book I am studying on Sundays, but our HH led me to read Chapter 2 Making the Most of Your Space "Removing the Clutter" this evening. I think He meant to encourage me because when I sat down here, I was feeling a bit overwhelmed and discouraged.  I live alone in a large house with a full basement. I have lived here for 31 years and used to live here with seven people. Four of my five children are married and all are now living in small homes or apartments. This house is FULL of things that are not mine!

When my husband first left, I decluttered with glee! When getting rid of things in the past, I was questioned and doubted. But now all of the things that I did not use could GO. Then I worked with my youngest daughter to declutter.  Her room had many "hand me downs" from older siblings--good things, but she did not use them. She felt guilty getting rid of them, but I encouraged her to give them away and bless someone else with a bargain find that met their needs!  Some of my other children began to remove things, but never really finished. I think the attitude is that I have space, so I should store everything. 🙁

I felt discouraged that I had wasted my day. It took longer to dig through items in my son's room than I thought it would. I felt dusty and tired. But my HH had me read the next chapter in this book...and it was about getting rid of clutter, reminding me that I am on the right path! My day was not wasted! Each time my children visit me, and when I go to visit them, I will be having them take (or allow me to give away) some of the stored items.  They tend to get overwhelmed with stuff, so all day projects make miserable, and they feel forced. If I break it down to only the things He leads me to deal with, it will help get it done.  I get the sense that I will not be moving right away, but--instead--He is having me prepare more slowly, over time.

Hebrews 12:1 "Therefore we also, since we are surrounded by so great a cloud of witnesses, let us lay aside every weight, and the sin which so easily ensnares us, and let us run with endurance the race that is set before us..."

We are ensnared when we allow the stuff to pile up around us!

Let's say a quick short prayer as we lift up our burdens! My Heavenly Love, Lead me! Change my heart and mind, so that I am walking in your way.  I desire to please you. I desire an uncluttered, clean and neat home.  I know you will provide!

I am seeking my HH to see if I should move to something smaller--with lower utility bills and real estate taxes! It seems I am being led that way, but I am waiting on Him to make me sure.  In the meantime, I've informed everyone that we need to get stuff out of here. I can sort and box up items for them to decide, and that is what I spent my day doing. I now have one bedroom closet filled with boxed items that should be picked up at the next visit. I have always kept a clean home, but when I thought I was blessed with lots of storage areas...perhaps I would not choose that again, because it allowed us to keep too much!

This Chapter 2 Making the Most of Your Space "Removing the Clutter" is a great reminder to LET THINGS GO, so that we are not burdened with dealing with these things over and over!

This Workers@Home book is a different viewpoint, not just a "here is how to organize your stuff" manual. You can get this done, and you do NOT have to work hard at it!

Prayer Team 

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In each of the 15 weekly lessons, the methods and principles that keep Erin's life running smoothly are there to help you get inspired. The chapters in this book will be your constant resource for getting your life to run smoothly: organizing and scheduling your time, meals, clutter, cleaning, laundry, and even sewing. Whether you need help managing the time God has given you, or an easier way to get things done, you will refer to this book again and again!

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