w@h “Opportunity to Bless Others”

Dear Brides, So often we get stuck in the world of thinking that we need to provide for ourselves and hang onto things in case we need them one day but this beautifully written chapter Lessons in Wisdom in the Workers@Home Course has taught me that the Lord wants me to give these things to others to use and by giving to others He will provide what I need in His own loving way.

This is such a great lesson in letting go and seemed to go so well with my Chapter 10 "Surrender" of FAL.  I have found that many times I will hang on to clothes and other household items because I might need them someday or I will have a garage sale, but through this chapter and speaking to my HH I have found that these things sitting in my closet are not doing anyone any good and it is time to take them out of the closet and give them to those that can use them right now.  

As I was pondering this Lessons in Wisdom and speaking to the Lord it put it on my mind to call my oldest daughter who has a hard time letting go of the things and as I lovingly call her my "hoarder" child I told her about this lesson and how freeing it would be for her to work through this system and maybe getting better control of her home.  Instead of doing it for her as I have always done when she was growing up in my home and have even done a couple of times since she has moved out I instead offered to come over and do it with her to help guide her and teach her how letting go of things we no longer need and reminding ourselves that someone else can use the items it is so freeing to our mind and soul.

Our home is incredibly blessed by the Lord with so many things. I am looking forward to giving many of these blessings to others that we are no longer using and teaching my children that all the things in our home are the Lords and if we are no longer in need of them it is our responsibility to give them to someone else to use and that is what our Beloved has asked us to do, not keep them until another day.

"One person gives freely, yet gains even more; another withholds unduly, but comes to poverty." Proverbs 11:24

Giving to others which the Lord has given to us is so good for the soul, it isn't about what more we will receive but how much more trust the Lord will have in us.

My Beloved, Thank you for bringing this Lessons in Wisdom and these words into my life at just the right time and guiding me to let go of the things that I no longer need in my life freeing me of the clutter in my home and the clutter in my mind. Cleanse my soul of the useless things that are in my life and in my mind and renew me in your loving grace and mercy. Please forgive me for hoarding the things you have given me in my home thinking that I would make money from the sale of these things one day instead of blessing someone with the use of them now.  Guide me and teach me to let go of things I am no longer in need of and give me the opportunity to bless others. Lord, I have not used the things you have given me wisely nor have I given to others as I should, you have blessed me so greatly in this world but yet I continue to look for ways to increase myself and the things I have instead of giving to others and allowing you to bless me as you see fit.

This workers @ home lesson came at the perfect time as all my kids are away with the dad which will leave me lots of time to tackle the rooms that are my responsibility so that when they return we can tackle the rooms that have their things in it.  Once again the Lord has blessed me with His perfect timing of the lessons He wants me to learn.

This book frees my soul of the burdens of the world and teaches me how I can take the yoke of the home off and allow the Lord to carry it for me.  Letting go of the material things and giving to others allows us to free ourselves from the worries and stress that we carry with us as well.

~ Ruth in Texas

Workers@Home Course

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