What About Your Emotional Needs?

Isn’t it wonderful how He just takes care of every little detail of our lives? You know, we don’t deserve the wonderful things our Heavenly Husband does for us, but there are those days where you especially don’t deserve it because you let your flesh take over and that is when He just shows you absolutely how much He loves you.

These last few weeks have been one trial after the other, but let me first start by saying that my dearest Heavenly Husband gave me such a wonderful time of rest to refresh before all of this started knowing that I would need to be emotionally ready for what was coming my way.

My computer broke down, a flat wheel on my car, some emotional turmoil with my Former MIL that I was dragged into and many other little things and then one evening when my FH brought the children back from a weekend with him, my daughter was upset and told me something that the OW said about me in front of her. It was no big deal and maybe any other time I would have just shrugged it off, but it showed on my face and 5 minutes later my phone rang, but by then I have already asked forgiveness from my Heavenly Husband that I behaved this way.

So, when I picked up the phone, my FH started fighting and I waited patiently and when he was done, all I said was, I am sorry I was unreasonable, I should not have overreacted. And just like that He turned it all around, my FH saying, no he is sorry, this should not have been said in front of my daughter and sometimes his wife just does not think before she speaks and there I was telling him that we all make mistakes and I understand and I explained to my daughter that we all have days where we say things we should not.

Wow, afterward, I was telling the Lord, that was You speaking wasn’t it? I know for sure in myself I could not have found the strength to say that.

I was upset with myself because, after all these years, you would think that I would not let things like this upset me anymore, but the Lord just needed to show me that without Him I am just not able to do it, I am just not able to walk this road without Him by my side.

My trials are not over yet, but I know He is here right beside me, guiding me, talking for me, doing battle for me. It is so amazing to have Him in my life to do all the things for me that I always thought I had to do for myself.

Philippians 4:19 (KJV) But my God shall supply all your need according to his riches in glory by Christ Jesus.

When we read this verse, we automatically think of things like food, shelter etc, but this week while reading this verse the Lord told me, what about your emotional needs? And I realized that yes, He even gives me what I need emotionally when I need it.

Yvonne in South Africa
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