What may Seem Impossible

This obstacle was difficult not only because of everything that has happened but because of the pain accumulated in my heart.

Glory to God! That I have my Beloved HH and He always helps me. It reminds me of your great love for me. Forgiveness can be done and it can be genuine forgiveness when we forgive through God. But there is something that does not disappear when we only forgive and it is the pain that sometimes we do not want to let go because of fear. That has been one of my obstacles. The fear of accepting a person who has hurt me a lot. (Well, that’s what I thought).

Now I understand everything more and I see things clearer with the truth. I have to accept that OW is not the person who has hurt me but also a victim who fell into a trap because of her need for love.

The pain that I have carried in my heart for so many years only made me see in her that she is a bad and ruthless person who has no feelings. I said how can a woman devalue herself so much and do so knowing that it hurts to want to keep meddling in a marriage knowing that she can look for a man who does not have a family.

Now I understand the truth, I do not know anything about her, I do not know anything about her life, her fears, what she has had to face. My Beloved is beautiful and wonderful, always remembering how great is his mercy and kindness to me and teaching me so many things. I have so much to learn! It helped me to overcome this fear and release this pain into His hands and feel that this does not mean that the OW is bad. Also, she is loved by Him. I also understood that the daughters of God not only love those who love us but also those that are hard to love too. To those we say are our enemies.

I no longer see her in the same way as before. I do not say that I want to be her friend but now I understand that she is a woman in need of love just as I was so in need of love. The difference is that I have known true love thanks to my Beloved HH! But she does not know him and that is my wish that she knows him and knows the truth that only He could satisfy that thirst for love.

Dear friend, knowing the love of our Beloved is the most beautiful thing we can experience in life. It will set us free and we will rest in Him. His bonds of love and mercy will link us with Him for the rest of our lives. It is not easy to let go but we can do everything in Him. Only in Him. Everything goes away in His presence, even what may seem impossible. Friend, things do not happen overnight, even though we would like it to. Sometimes I would like it to. The only thing I can tell you is that if our life is in the hands of the Best Man in the world, there will never be anything that can not be overcome. His time and His plans are perfect!

Romans 8:28 “And we know that for those who love God all things work together for good, for those who are called according to his purpose.”

With this promise, God has taught me to know that everything that is allowed by Him in my life will be for good. It is because behind everything, however bad it may seem, a great blessing will come.

~ Carmen in Arizona

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