What’s New in our Spanish Ministry Expanding to Peru!!

Here’s What’s New in our Spanish Ministry all the way in Peru!!

Ziva is heading up our Spanish Prayer Team and has been faithful to intercede and encourage many women in need. Last month she mentioned her desire to start a small group in Peru to start ministering to women based on our ministry materials. This is so exciting and here is what she shared:

Dear Lota:

I wanted to share about the group I have organized here in Peru.

I have invited 4 women who are members of our Spanish ministry and are actively doing the courses. At this time 2 have joined me. 🙂

We have joined together the 28th of July in the late afternoon and will try to coordinate to meet once a month.

Basically what we do is a bit of what I learned from last years Nicaragua Retreat and also the LORD has guided me in other things also.

_We start introducing ourselves.

-I explained why we are joining, (to encourage each other to seek God and learn more of His word and to Live them)

_We have time of Praise and Worship (we sing)

_ We pray and give thanks (time of gratitude from each one of us)

_We go over a chapter of the book, a passage or chapter of the bible. (we each read a portion that relates to the theme, ex. On the Rock, Chapter 1)

To pick the verse, we pray and SG to guide us. The Lord has lead me to use the book Wise Women because many had questions that this book can help them answer, like the lack of forgiveness and believing without seeing.

After this we discuss how we can apply what we learned to our daily lives and share what the Lord has revealed to us so we can live a life dependent on HIM.

Then we share a small snack, like coffee and cake.

_ To close the reunion we do a small prayer for the Lord to cover us with His protection as we return to our homes.

This month we are meeting in the evening, with God’s favor. The meeting was beautiful and for the next meeting each one of us will share a chapter of the WW and how it helps them look to God.


I wanted to share a portion of Ziva’s daily journal and how she was turning to the Lord as she poured her heart to our HH:

“My Love:

First of all I want to thank you for blessing my life,

You have transformed my life, and You continue to do so.

Your love is great and helps me in every moment, in times of affliction Your love pick me up and encourages me.

Thank you because each time there are less times of sadness because you fill me with peace and joy.

Without You I am nothing and you have made me a new creation and I want to live with You all the days of my life in Your presence.

I don’t get tired of praising you because of You rescuing me from the horror I lived, thank you for washing and healing me.

You give me the desires of my heart and you are working out your perfect plan for me and my family.

Thank you for this opportunity and I know you have control of everything

I love You so much, more than my life and You are all that I need, my life is Yours.

~ Ziva in Peru

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