Why Worry when I can be Joyful?

Dear Brides, Chapter 7 “Longing For Whom?” this kind of love affair is a journey that begins with one step. All relationships are developed and grow based on the time and attention we give it. It may begin in reading your Bible, which are His love letters to you, or in singing love songs to Him. Begin to move to love songs that foster intimacy, you are well on your way to a love affair. Have no more tears for your EH, but let your whole heart be for the One to whom you are betrothed as His beloved bride.

‘Women were created to long and yearn for love. It is when Eve sinned that she was cursed, “ …yet your desire will be for your husband, and he will rule over you’” (Genesis 3:16).

Not only did Jesus break the curse of sin ruling us, He broke every curse once we believed. As women, we do not need to long and yearn for a man, or any person who “doesn’t have it”. When women speak about their husbands, even the most professional and powerful women, they are immediately reduced to broken, tearful females who are falling apart. These women long for a person who actually loathes them! This kind of yearning is nothing but tragic and heartbreaking.” Yet the answer is not to leave a marriage but to find a Lover -Christ, who will cherish us like we long to be cherished.

There is only one real love story and that is what is found in the Bible and in our Creator our Beloved.

It’s only when we as believers exhibit the kind of joy that He alone will give us, which follows from the commitment and faithfulness of wanting the Lord only, then will we be capable of living a life and display a face that glows like a beacon in an ever darkening world. It is this kind of life that will draw every woman who is living in continuous and endless storms in their lives to want and yearn for what we possess, His love. Encourage every woman to move beyond her pain and help her find peace, and then move from that peace to utter joy—all due to knowing and experiencing Him.

This means that we simply change our focus from the man in our life to the Son of Man and Lover of our soul. And as we begin pursuing Him, we will find that men will begin pursuing us! But I will never look back. No man will ever win my heart again (only to break it and leave me wanting), not when there is One who laid down His life so I can live again!! Even a woman who is married must keep her heart for her Savior steadfast. This means her desires, and every secret of her heart should be told to her heavenly Husband, not her earthly one.

No man on earth can compete with what you will have when you gain the intimacy, love, and protection that your Bridegroom will give you when you truly long and yearn for Him. And when our longing is for the right One, then a husband will long for us, and continue to do so. It’s not until a husband also longs for the only One who can fill his needs when he will experience peace and joy and the fulfillment most men lack.

Why worry when I can be joyful? I have left all pain and worry behind and set my sights on the one who is whispering to me “marry me” I have become the Lord’s bride 🙂

Therefore the LORD longs to be gracious to you, And therefore He waits on high to have compassion on you For the LORD is a God of justice; How blessed are all those who long for Him —Isaiah 30:18

I am blessed because I long for Him. I have turned my attention to Him after he allured me in the wilderness

Pray with me asking for MORE intimacy and more of His love that sets us free: Dear Lord, help me to dwell in your word, your love letters to me. sensitize my ear to your Rhema for each new day. Keep me real close, real tight, never let go of me for I need thee every hour. You are the breath that I take, the one that I long for, the one that fulfills me, the one that completes me, the one that loves me unconditionally, the one who I could never break with my excessive love for you love me just as excessively with an everlasting love 🙂

Dear Brides. Let’s have no more tears about love lost, but instead look to the future with Him. No longer in need of finding love or understanding, we can begin to live each day as the gift He has given to us. For each of you who are hurting, fearful or lonely—you simply need more of His love. That’s it. There is nothing else that will solve every problem in your life except more of Him.

Turn your attention from the debilitating emotional pain you are experiencing and fix your eyes on Jesus, the author, and finisher of your faith. The perfect One.

~ Esme

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